Meigs: Official vote count confirms election results

By Sarah Hawley -

POMEROY — Meigs County’s 2020 Primary Election results remain unchanged from the election night outcomes following the official vote count on Monday.

In county-wide races, challenger Shannon H. Miller defeated two-term incumbent Commissioner Randy Smith. Miller received a total of 2,111 votes, with Smith receiving 1,539 votes.

In the second commissioner race, incumbent Jimmy Will, who was appointed to the seat last spring, defeated challenger Gary A. Coleman. Will received 2,387 votes, with Coleman receiving 1,217 votes.

Incumbent Treasurer Peggy Yost defeated challenger B.J. Smith Kreseen in the treasurer race. Yost received 2,402 votes, with Kreseen receiving 1,297 votes.

Huey Eason won the four-man race for Meigs County Recorder to fill the position currently held by Kay Hill who plans to retire and therefore did not seek reelection. Eason received 1,478 votes, followed by Jimmy Stewart with 1,392 votes, Adam Will with 529 votes and Tony Carnahan with 300 votes.

Unopposed on the Republican ballot were Engineer Eugene Triplett, Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley, Juvenile/Probate Judge L. Scott Powell, Clerk of Courts Sammi Mugrage, sheriff candidate Mony Wood.

Unless any write-in candidates file before the Aug. 24 deadline, the only county-wide contested race in November will be for Meigs County Sheriff between Republican Mony Wood and independent incumbent Sheriff Keith Wood.

Overall voter turnout for the election was 31.17 percent, with a total of 4,674 ballots cast. Of those, 881 were Democrat and 3,786 were Republican. Seven ballots were issues only.

Official 2020 Primary Election vote totals in Meigs County

Democrat Ballot — 881 ballots cast

President — Michael Bennet, 5; Joseph R. Biden Jr., 595; Michael R. Bloomberg, 22; Cory Booker, 5; Pete Buttigieg, 10; Tulsi Gabbard, 3; Amy Klobuchar, 12; Deval Patrick, 1; Bernie Sanders, 150; Tom Steyer, 3; Elizabeth Warren, 31.

Representative to Congress, 6th District — Shawna Roberts, 717.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 1 term) — John P. O’Donnell, 687.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 2 term) — Jennifer Brunner, 709.

State Senator, 30th District — Michael Fletcher, 688.

State Representative, 94th District — Katie O’Neill, 664.

Meigs County Central Committee — Bedford: Sonia Jennings 44; West Chester: Paula Wood 30; Columbia: Mary Carter 71; Lebanon: Lawrence Hayman 31; Orange: James Nally 34; Rutland Village: Samuel Bruce May 19; East Rutland: Karen Williams 23; Salem: Beverly Davis 30; Middleport 3rd: Evelyn Bauer 27; Middleport 4th: Olita Heighton 22; Pomeroy 2nd: Rebecca Triplett 25; Pomeroy 3rd: Linda Mayer 13; Bradbury: Vicki C. Martin 18; Scipio: Gregory Howard 55.

Republican Ballot — 3,786 ballots cast

President (delegates at large) — Donald J. Trump, 3,034.

President (delegates 6th district) — Donald J. Trump, 3,027.

Representative to Congress, 6th District — Bill Johnson, 2,872; Kenneth Morgan, 523.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 1 term) — Sharon L. Kennedy, 2,708.

Justice of the Supreme Court (Jan. 2 term) — Judi French, 2,563.

Court of Appeals, 4th District — Peter B. Abele, 2,680.

Member of State Central Committee (man), 30th District — Jim Carnes, 2,566.

Member of the State Central Committee (woman), 30th District — LeeAnn Johnson, 2,577.

State Senator, 30th District — Frank Hoagland, 2,681.

State Representative, 94th District — Jay Edwards, 3,190.

Meigs County Juvenile/Probate Court Judge — L. Scott Powell, 3,235.

Meigs County Commissioner (Jan. 2 term) — Shannon H. Miller, 2,111; Randy Smith, 1,539.

Meigs County Commissioner (Jan. 3 term) — Gary A. Coleman, 1,217; Jimmy Will, 2,387.

Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney — James K. Stanley, 2,908.

Meigs County Clerk of Courts — Sammi Sisson Mugrage, 3,021.

Meigs County Sheriff — Mony Wood, 2,081.

Meigs County Recorder — Tony Carnahan, 300; Huey Eason, 1,478; Jimmy Stewart, 1,392; Adam Will, 529.

Meigs County Treasurer — B.J. Smith Kreseen, 1,297; Peggy Yost, 2,402.

Meigs County Engineer — Eugene Triplett, 3,024.

Meigs County Central Committee — Bedford: Gene Romine 178; Columbia: Marco R. Jeffers 121; Letart: David Fox 104; North Olive: Cheryl L. Gumpf 117; South Olive: William Osborne 106; Orange: Eugene Triplett 153; East Rutland: Wilma J. Davidson 113; Salem: Thomas Gannaway 129; Middleport 2nd: Sandy Iannarelli 54; Middleport 3rd: Marilyn Anderson 83; Pomeroy 1st: Judith Sisson 48; Pomeroy 3rd: Bill Spaun 37; Bradbury: Edward Durst 101; Laurel Cliff: Marjorie Fetty 96; Rocksprings: Norman Price 63; Scipio: Randy Butcher 180; Racine Village: Robert Beegle 92; Syracuse Village: Kay Hill 128; Minersville: Anna Norman 83; Racine: Brett Jones 156.

Local Issues

Local liquor option (Olive Twp.), Reed’s Country Store — Yes: 116; No: 52.

Local liquor option (Rutland Twp.), Langsville Gas and Grocery — Yes: 106; No: 75.

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By Sarah Hawley

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.

Sarah Hawley is the managing editor of The Daily Sentinel.