Treasurer to conduct tax lien sale

Staff Report

GALLIA COUNTY — Gallia County Treasurer Steve McGhee announced the county will soon again be negotiating the private sale of delinquent tax lien certificates.

The sale of delinquent tax liens, according to the treasurer, is a tool that allows the treasurer to privately sell to a third party the right to collect the delinquent taxes owed in Gallia County. This allows the county to get paid an amount equal to the full amount of the delinquent taxes associated with any sold certificates. In turn, townships, schools and other bodies and agencies get revenue now rather than later.

Prior to the sale, any owner of property that is subject to the tax lien certificate sale will be given notice and an opportunity to pay in full. He or she may also, if qualified, be allowed to enter into a payment plan with the treasurer’s office.

McGhee said he is always willing to work with taxpayers in regard to their financial obligations as much as possible. If an agreement can not be reached, further action may be needed to collect on owed taxes. The treasurer stressed that money generated through tax provided services to the county and the county could not operate without taxes being paid.

McGhee said an additional benefit to an impending delinquent tax lien certificate sale is that it can become the extra motivation some property owners need to pay their delinquent real property taxes. Paying prior to the sale or entering alternative payment arrangements will prevent the sale of a certificate associated with the taxes paid and will save the property owner interest and fees collected by the purchasers of the tax lien certificates. Prior sales have been negotiated with Tax Ease Ohio, LLC. The owners of property attached to the certificates that were sold incurred interest at the rate of 17.5 percent annually. Once tax lien certificates are sold, the treasurer will not be able to allow any tax payer the opportunity to enter into a payment plan and the purchaser may cause the property to be foreclosed on.

After a sale, subject property owners may benefit from an extended period within which to pay delinquent taxes but will have to negotiate with the purchaser of the certificates. If any property owner that owes delinquent real property taxes wishes to void additional fees and interest that result from the sale of certificates or further collection activity by the treasurer’s office, the owner must take action.

McGhee said the tax lien sale would likely happen in April of next year.

For more information, call the Gallia Treasurer’s Office at 740-446-4612, ext. 250.

Staff Report