Columbia Gas discusses projects with city

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis City Commission held a special meeting Tuesday evening in the Gallipolis Municipal Building where it heard details about continuing Columbia Gas pipe replacement projects within municipal limits.

Columbia Gas hired contractor, R and R Construction, will work through January 2020 and aim to end work in fall.

“We just got started digging on this project last Thursday,” said Columbia Gas External Affairs Specialist Michelle Day. “The project is approximately 8,000 feet (of new pipe) and it’s a really large project in regards to customers so we have almost 300 customers that are a part of this project. About 140 (gas) meters have to be moved out (of structures) because of it.”

Day said that Columbia Gas started doing similar projects across the state in 2008. She said the company had gone before the Ohio Public Utilities Commission seeking to invest roughly $2 billion across the state to replace steel and cast iron gas pipe with a new longer-lived pipe. Columbia Gas is reportedly investing $3 million in Gallipolis replacements.

Work will primarily take place near or in the downtown region of Gallipolis with digging scheduled along Fourth Avenue, Court Street, Third Avenue, State Street, Second Avenue, First Avenue and Locust Street. Those affected are reportedly either receiving letters detailing the project or will receive letters.

Day said that benefits of the project included more reliable service, less gas leaks, less future maintenance work in neighborhoods and support for extra gas utilizing features like fire pits and outdoor grills.

Engineers at the meeting said gas meters will need moved out of homes to the exterior of property sites for safety reasons as Columbia Gas is aiming to increase its flow pressure in lines in hopes of providing better service to customers. Day said that customers should not receive a bill for work regarding the improvements.

Columbia Gas said it will restore surfaces disturbed by its digging. Preliminary repairs will be made and then more permanent repairs made as the company progresses through the project. Day said contractors may disappear for a few weeks but would return to continue on the project throughout the year.

Contractors and employees will be identified by marked vehicles and can direct their questions to those on-site or contact Columbia Gas.

Questions can also be directed to Day at or by phone at 614-309-7576.

Columbia Gas also donated $1,500 to Gallipolis in Bloom.

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By Dean Wright