Unofficial election results tallied

By Dean Wright -

Gallia Boy Scout Troop 200 helps bring in election precinct equipment to the Gallia Board of Elections.

Gallia Boy Scout Troop 200 helps bring in election precinct equipment to the Gallia Board of Elections.

Dean Wright | OVP

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County’s unofficial election results are in with absentee ballots included in the number after Tuesday night’s election.

Candidate for Centerville mayor, Eugene Layton, had 33 votes. Candidate for Centerville fiscal officer, David House, had 31 votes. Village council candidate for Centerville Marlin Rose and 33 votes. Candidate for Crown City mayor, Daryl Hager, had 70 votes. Crown City fiscal officer candidates Paul Dillion had 44 votes and Lorna Fulks had 44 votes. Crown City village candidates Neal Fulks had 46 votes, Lisa Nance had 62 votes, Christana Ray had 32 votes and Dennis Ripley had 14 votes. Gallipolis City Commission candidates Michael Brown had 211 votes and Michael Fulks had 308 votes. Rio Grande mayor candidates Robert Matt Easter had 49 votes.

Rio Grande Board of Public Affairs candidate Sandra Perry had 60 votes. Vinton mayor candidate Josh Whealdon had 46 votes. Addison Township trustee candidate Michael Blaine had 211 votes. Addison Township fiscal officer candidate Lisa Reuter had 189 votes. Cheshire Township trustee candidate Joseph Roush had 94 votes. Cheshire Township fiscal officer candidate Amy Edwards had 91 votes.

Clay Township trustee candidates John Doss Jr. had 68 votes and Brady Swain had 212 votes. Clay Township trustee candidate Michael Harrison had 202 votes. Clay Township fiscal officer candidate Wanda Waugh had 228 votes. Gallipolis Township trustee candidates David Diddle had 295 votes and David Snyder had 328 votes. Gallipolis Township fiscal officer candidate Ronnie Carmichael had 535 votes. Greenfield Township trustee candidates Tony Conley had 28 votes and Randall Hammond had 113 votes. Greenfield Township fiscal officer candidate Debra Bartels had 125 votes. Green Township trustee candidate David Holley had 460 votes. Green Township fiscal officer candidate Joe Foster had 500 votes.

Guyan Township trustee candidate Timmy Caldwell had 192 votes. Guyan Township fiscal officer candidate Rachel Fellure had 182 votes. Harrison Township trustee candidates Charles Edward McGuire had 164 votes and Jack Slone had 57 votes. Harrison Township fiscal officer candidates Kaitlin Angell had 121 votes and Toni Ford had 96 votes. Huntington Township trustee candidates Ryan Alderman had 134 votes, Roger Meade had 123 votes and Bryce Taylor had 60 votes. Huntington Township fiscal officer candidates had Ashley Alley had 178 votes and Sheri Marcum had 125 votes. Morgan Township trustee candidates Randall Adkins had 186 votes and Richard Shaddeau had 100 votes. Morgan Township fiscal officer candidates Brenda Cadie had 176 votes and Molly Hash had 107 votes. Ohio Township trustee candidate Mike Waugh had 97 votes. Ohio Township fiscal officer candidate Raymond Scott Gibson had 88 votes.

Perry Township trustee candidates James Blair had 111 votes, Bradley Davies had 115 votes and John Kevin Gill had 52 votes. Perry Township fiscal officer candidate Cheryl Ruff had 240 votes. Raccoon Township trustee candidates Carlos Caldwell had 137 votes, Bryan Jones had 126 votes and Christopher Kimmel had 58 votes. Raccoon Township fiscal officer candidate Ruth Millhone had 286 votes. Springfield Township trustee candidates Robert Massie had 208 votes, James Thevenir had 149 votes and Luke Volborn had 179 votes. Springfield Township fiscal officer candidate Courtney Burnett had 421 votes. Walnut Township trustee candidate John Straight had 130 votes. Walnut Township fiscal candidate Ruby Ann Stanley had 122 votes.

Fairland Local School Board candidates Jeff Bennett had 28 votes, Jason Gorby had 40 votes, Linda Gail Holst had 31 votes and John Lewis had 42 votes.

Gallipolis City School Board candidates John O’Brien had 1042 votes, Amee Rees had 1216 votes and Morgan Saunders had 991 votes. Gallia Local School Board candidates Edward Butler had 995 votes, Terry Halley had 1179 votes and Beth James had 1249 votes. Gallia Local School Board candidate Brandon Twyman had 1862.

Symmes Valley School Board candidates Allen Cook had 10 votes, Adam Corn had 12 votes, Timmy Hayes had 15 votes, Hope Rowe had 23 votes and Kent Wells had 14 votes. The Gallia-Vinton Governing Board Number Five candidate Thomas Metcalf had 621 votes. Gallia-Vinton Governing Board Number Seven candidate Joan Cornelius had 230 votes. Lawrence Governing Board Number 25 candidates Jon Chris Coiler had 43 votes, Jeff Floyd had 65 votes and June Huff had 57 votes.

The Gallia 911 Operating Levy had 3487 votes saying yes and 925 votes saying no.

Racoon Township Fire Levy had 286 for the tax levy and 48 against. Clay Township Fire Levy had 237 votes for and 46 against. Morgan Township Fire Levy had 190 for and 89 against. Walnut Township Fire Levy had 92 for and 44 against.

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Gallia Boy Scout Troop 200 helps bring in election precinct equipment to the Gallia Board of Elections. Boy Scout Troop 200 helps bring in election precinct equipment to the Gallia Board of Elections. Dean Wright | OVP

By Dean Wright