Gallia experiences high waters

By Dean Wright -

Raccoon Creek overflows Wednesday afternoon during a long cycle of rain.

Raccoon Creek overflows Wednesday afternoon during a long cycle of rain.

Dean Wright | OVP

GALLIPOLIS — Southeast Ohio experienced heavy rains Wednesday which resulted in a number of flooded roads as water rose out of creeks and puddles became ponds.

According to Gallia 911 Communications and Emergency Management Agency Director Sherry Daines, the organizations are anticipated to meet with Gallia Commissioners Thursday morning to discuss declarations as Ohio state government looks to tally damage from slips throughout the region.

Around 1.52 inches to 1.98 inches of water had fallen from midnight to noon, Wednesday morning, said the director.

“The school buses have been having a time, trying to find alternate routes, like this morning when it was raining so hard,” said Daines, Wednesday.

“I would encourage people to always, during times like this, be cautious of their surroundings because you never know when water might come up fast, especially during the night time hours,” she continued.

A slip has been discovered near the intersection of Chillicothe Road and State Route 588. There is another near the intersection of Clay Chapel Road and State Route 7, Daines said. Slip is a term commonly used among construction workers and first responders describing earth that has eroded away due to water. If not addressed, slips can become dangerous due to damage in road foundations or landslides onto property, vehicles or persons.

Roads considered flooded as of 4 p.m., Thursday, by the agency included, Ohio 141 near its intersection with Gage Road, Ohio 850 near RC Packing, Ohio 554 from intersections at Ohio 160 to Ohio 7 in multiple places, Ohio 160 near Thompson Road (restricted to one lane of traffic) and other multiple locations along Ohio 554. Flooding also occurred near the intersection of Georges Creek Road and Bulaville Pike, on Ohio 218 near “Stoneyard,” said Daines. Flooding was also found at Lewis Road and Little Bullskin Road, along with Morgan Center and Upland Road. White Road off of Ohio 160 was under water along with Mitchell Road, areas near the intersection of Reese Hollow and Oil Hollow, Bulaville Pike at its bridge, Ohio 218 and Hannan Trace Road intersection area, Ohio 775 in the Mudsoc region and on Ohio 325 between Rio Grande and Ohio 141. Bladen road was also underwater along with Ohio 218 and Pekins Road.

Roads considered closed by the Ohio Department of Transportation District 10, Thursday morning, included Ohio 233 between the Lawrence County line, Ohio 790 near the Lawrence County line, between Ohio 790 and Ohio 7, between Ohio 160 and Ohio 7, between the Lawrence County line and Ohio 141, between Ohio 588 and Ohio 554, between Ohio 325 and Ohio 7 and, lastly, between Ohio 7 and Ohio 684.

Gallia 911 had received no calls for help save for one motorist reportedly in distress in deep water during the morning on Ohio 850 in the Bidwell area.

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Raccoon Creek overflows Wednesday afternoon during a long cycle of rain. Creek overflows Wednesday afternoon during a long cycle of rain. Dean Wright | OVP

By Dean Wright