9 golfers make All-TVC teams

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A total of nine golfers from the River Valley, Meigs, Eastern and Southern golf teams were named to the All-Tri Valley Conference golf teams.

In the All-TVC girls golf team, the Lady Raiders’ Sophia Gee and Erika Justus were named.

Representing the Lady Marauders of Meigs on the team was Lorena Kennedy.

Top golfer was given to Leah Ryan of Waterford, while Coach of the Year went to Waterford’s coach Ryan Curry.

The boys were divided into two teams for the Ohio and Hocking Divisions.

In TVC-Ohio, both River Valley and Meigs had one representative in Caunner Clay and Landon McGee, respectively.

It was an Athens sweep in the special awards with Nathan Shadick winning Golfer of the Year and Rob Burgess getting Coach of the Year.

On the Hocking Division side, Kasey Savoy, Ethan Short and Colton McDaniel all made the list for the Eagles, while Tanner Lisle was the lone Southern Tornado to make it.

Jacob Smeeks of Belpre took home Golfer of the Year for the Hocking Division, and his head coach Jesse Joseph got Coach of the Year.

2021 All-TVC girls golf team

WATERFORD: Leah Ryan, Madison Heiner, Parker Powers, Kari Carney.

ATHENS: Lisa Liu, Maddie Whiting, Olivia Kaiser, Regan Bobo, Grace Corrigan, Helen Liu.


RIVER VALLEY: Sophia Gee, Erika Justus.

WELLSTON: Hallie Shea, Kimberly Aubrey.

MEIGS: Lorena Kennedy.

ALEXANDER: Alexis Belville.

FEDERAL HOCKING: Emma Wilson, Addison Jackson.

Top golfer:

Leah Ryan, Waterford.

Coach of the year:

Ryan Curry, Waterford.

2021 All-TVC Ohio boys golf team

ATHENS: Nathan Shadick, Jay Choi, Milan Hall, Sam Goldsberry, Carter Wharton.

WELLSTON: Will Briggs.

ALEXANDER: Stanley Viny, Landon Atha, Mason Morris.

MEIGS: Landon McGee.

RIVER VALLEY: Caunner Clay.

VINTON COUNTY: Eli Radabaugh, Silas Allen.


Golfer of the year:

Nathan Shadick, Athens.

Coach of the year:

Rob Burgess, Athens.

2021 All-TVC Hocking boys golf team

BELPRE (30-0): Jacob Smeeks, Jacob Ferrier, Carson Moore, Blake Church, Matt Deems.

WATERFORD (23-7): Gavin Brooker, Brett Colyer.

EASTERN (19-11): Kasey Savoy, Ethan Short, Colton McDaniel.

FEDERAL HOCKING (10-20): Mason Jackson.

SOUTHERN (8-22): Tanner Lisle.

TRIMBLE (0-30): None.

Golfer of the year:

Jacob Smeeks, Belpre.

Coach of the year:

Jesse Joseph, Belpre.

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