Flood victim extends thanks to Gallia residents

Dear Editor:

My son, Cole, is a 4-year-old preschool student at Clay Elementary School in Clay, W.Va. Although he wasn’t tragically affected by the flooding that took place in June, he was affected, as was almost every child in Clay County.

Cole’s father, while working for the West Virginia Division of Highways, was trapped by mudslides, downed power lines and flood waters for more than 25 hours. My husband made it home safely, but the thought of him not returning has still not left any us. If he’s late getting home from work, Cole assumes that he’s trapped by flooding.

This week, Cole received a backpack, full of school supplies donated by your community. Upon emptying the backpack to reveal all his goodies, he immediately became ready and excited to begin his very first year of school.

The students in Clay County are very fortunate to have neighbors, far and wide, who are so generous and giving. I want to personally thank you all for your donations, thoughts, prayers, hopes and encouragement.

Michelle Frame

Clay, W.Va.