Newspaper filled with positive news

Dear Editor,

Many of us love Gallia County and are extremely proud of all it offers. When I opened the July 7 edition of the paper to Page 2, I was happy to read the positive news happening in Gallia County.

This is the kind of news I want to hear and read most of the time. Rotary Club, a community supporter, was presented with its efforts to bring information about food safety health to its members and public. The Tribune needs to let the public know more about all of the community groups and what they are doing and have to offer.

In addition to Rotary article, there was also a picture of a lovely, carved and polished stone donated by Cletus Harder to the City of Gallipolis. Thank you, Cletus Harder, for your lovely donation to Gallipolis.

To the Tribune, I just want to say, “Keep printing articles and pictures that support our community.”

Sandra Mayes