Veterans signs not wanted in Gallipolis City Park

Dear Editor,

My late mother-in-law, Coell Wetherholt, spoke loudly and clearly that the Gallipolis City Park should have no other structures other than the Bandstand, Doughboy and Kerr Memorial, which were already there. The Dale Russell Memorial was erected against her wishes.

She definitely would not be in favor of the request by the veterans or anyone else to put up signs in the park. I had three brothers who served in the U.S. Navy in the South Pacific during World War II. I have the highest respect for anyone who went to war for us.

Mrs. O.O. McIntyre donated money to build and maintain a bench around the park. The City of Gallipolis has done an excellent job of maintaining the bench around the park. This bench is frequently in use. The picnic benches are also used on a regular basis. The six swings placed on the riverfront are a welcome addition. They are in use frequently when the weather permits.

The Gallipolis City Park is unique. The park and riverfront are one of the most beautiful areas between Pittsburgh and Cairo, Ill. The park is a quiet, peaceful place to walk, sit, and read or picnic. It does not need any additional signs to take away from its natural beauty. Let’s keep it that way.

Janet B. Wetherholt