Ohioans tired of drug problems

Dear Editor,

I found this interesting. For those who might want to know the breakdown of vote results in Gallia County to State Issue Three:

Total Votes: 7973; Yes: 2149 — 26.95 percent; No: 5824 — 73.05 percent.

Source: Gallianet

This is about a 3-1 margin. This is highlighted by the fact that only about 24.5% of the county voted at all, based on a population of about 32,500 people.

Additionally a statewide map of polling precincts on a county by county basis showed that no county in the state of Ohio approved of Prop 3 and the closest races were in the Cleveland area only.

I think the message that is being sent and I don’t think the proponents of recreational drugs are hearing it, is that Ohio is sick to death of the drug problem that is sweeping over the state.

I for one, as a pastor, am not opposed to “Compassionate Medical Marijuana, as administered by a doctor and controlled by the state. We had it in NY and yet recreational drug use there is still illegal.

The proponents of drug legalization on the recent ballot issue could not get their “return on investment” solely based on legitimate medical need as those who would need it are disproportionately a smaller sector of the societal demographic. In order for them to justify their investment they would need recreational user purchasers to justify their millions in investment.

That did not happen and it is likely that it is never going to happen seeing how we are awash in drugs today and people are tired of it. Not even cities like Dayton, Springfield, Columbus and Cincinnati voted for it and that speaks volumes.

Bad laws that enrich others while making other men moral slaves are the worst sort of tyranny.

Wyatt Buchanan