New fairgrounds will provide safe location

Dear Editor,

Please join me Nov. 3 by voting to support an increase in the sales tax of one-quarter of one per cent for relocation of the Gallia County Fairgrounds.

I first became involved nearly 60 years ago as a 4-H exhibitor and later as a Youth Board member representing FFA. Those were exciting times with each year being bigger and better than the last.

A new fairgrounds will allow us to recapture that same excitement in a new up-to-date safe location. In recent years, Gallia County has grown to be the “Ag Center” of the Mid-Ohio Valley. We excel in quality of our purebred livestock and club animals. Our crop yields are competitive on a regional basis. Our people are in leadership positions for organizations at the state and national levels. Much of these successes are a result of a strong youth program and the incentive that the county fair provides.

The next step is a new, safe fairgrounds that will serve an exciting, expanding youth program and put Gallia County in the forefront for future generations of leadership and excellence. A new venue can also host year-round activities such as purebred cattle sales, club animal sales, farm equipment shows and regional/state ag organization meetings. The possibilities are endless.

Vote for the sales tax referendum Nov. 3.

Ed Vollborn