‘Yes’ vote encouraged on fairgrounds tax levy

Dear Editor,

On Nov. 3, we have a unique opportunity in Gallia County. A one-quarter of one percent (0.25 percent) sales tax levy will be voted on that will pay to move our fairgrounds to higher ground already owned by the fair.

This small sales tax will amount to 25 cents additional tax per $100 spent on taxable items.

One-hundred percent of the tax goes to pay for the new fairgrounds and will end when the debt is paid off for a maximum of 20 years. Plus the great thing about a sales tax is that people making purchases on their way through Gallia County help pay for our project.

Folks, this is a great deal if the fairgrounds were used only one week a year, but the the new fairgrounds will be used year round for events like gospel concerts, outdoor shows, small buying shows, country music shows, weddings, flea markets — it’s endless — so it’s a super deal. We cannot afford to pass on this opportunity.

This is just another important step in taking our community to the next level.

Our present grounds need repair. The fair is one of the largest events in the county and serves thousands of children in 4H activities through the years. Add in all of the new uses, and this makes this project is a no-brainer. It’s time for today’s generations to take us to the next level.

Vote “Yes” to help our own community. I suggest everyone vote yes on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Sheila Eastman