Letter to the editor

Remembering children at Christmas

Dear Editor,

On December 21 the article titled Christmas project raises over $75K, looks to cover remaining children was in the Tribune, and I enjoyed reading the information about the different groups involved in helping families have gifts under the tree. The community needs to know how to help others and why it is important help others, especially the children.

I just want to say that there is more information I want to share with the community and was not written in the aforementioned article. Every year Missy Whaley, school nurse at Gallia Academy High School, serves as one of the best sources or go-to person for those who want to sponsor a Christmas child. She spends countless hours making sure that the students on the list have a sponsor. She is truly one of God’s helpers.

Teachers throughout the entire county pull together every year to attempt to help in so many ways as well to ensure kids receive Christmas gifts. Teachers sponsor children, given random gifts to those they see may need an extra gift, parties in the classrooms, etc. We try to help our students have more fun at Christmas and to feel that they are loved. I am going to say without statistical evidence that most students who are sponsored at Christmas through such lists as the one Missy Whaley monitors are sponsored by teachers, school staff, members of a teacher’s family, or other parents who hear about a child in a class who may need a little extra at Christmas.

Personally, I also know of others who independently help sponsor a child but do not need the recognition for doing so, but I am going to say thank you to them now! Thank you and God bless!

Sandra Mayes


Remembering children at Christmas