Letter to editor

Reader cautions to ‘vote wisely’

Dear Editor:

Hillary wrote a thesis about Saul Alinsky while at Wellesley College. She was and still is an admirer of Alinsky. In 1993, The White House requested that Wellesly College not release her thesis and they complied.

The eight levels of control on how to create a Socialist state, and Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky are: Control healthcare so you can control the people. Increase the poverty level as high as possible because poor people are easier to control if you provide them with the necessities, they don’t fight back. Increase the debt to an unsustainable level so taxes can be increased and produce more poverty. Take guns away from the public so they can’t protect themselves from government, and a police state can be created. Increase welfare and take over every aspect of their living needs such as food, housing, and income. Take control of what children learn in school, aka Common Core. Remove God from government and schools. Finally divide the people into wealthy and poor because this will cause discontent, and will be easier to tax wealthier people which includes the middle class too.

Obama practiced all of the above during his Presidency and is a great advocate of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals too.

By the way anyone with a smartphone or computer access can find the same stuff with just the touch of a button, it is no secret nor is it a conspiracy, just fact.

The transformation of our country is just about complete, so you get to decide who you want running the country. Please vote wisely, and make our country great again.

Mary Jo Boes

Fostoria, Ohio

Reader cautions to ‘vote wisely’