Reader shares thoughts on COVID-19 vaccine

Dear Editor,

To the (unvaccinated) people of Gallia County, workers, travelers and patients who come to Gallia County:


To those who already have: Thank You.

Only 34% of our population has been vaccinated (up to 40% with some immunity including those who have had the disease.) It’s coming back, but we still have the opportunity to slow it down. I am not an expert but I guess-timate a month until it’s bad, 2-3 months until it’s horrible again.

This is not a political issue nor a religious issue, and in my opinion not a “personal rights” issue. It is a public health issue, Life and Death issue. In my opinion more of a civic duty to get the vaccine. Vaccination has slowed the spread to a crawl.

96% OF U.S. PHYSICIANS have received the vaccine and wouldn’t have unless we thought it was safe for us and our families. Even Trump got vaccinated and the conservative West Virginia governor, Jim Justice, urges it, saying people who don’t are playing the “death lottery.” 18,000 people died in May and 99.2% were not vaccinated and the trend continues.

We risk grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Help yourself and those around you.


Michael J. Owens, M.D.

Thurman, Ohio

Practicing physician

Internal Medicine