Meigs Health Matters… Heart Health

By Sara Hill - Contributing columnist

Did you know that everyone is at risk for heart disease? In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. The Creating Healthy Communities (CHC) program at the Meigs County Health Department (MCHD) is committed to providing the resources necessary to preventing chronic diseases, much like heart disease. Each year, CHC focuses on many healthy eating and active living projects throughout Meigs County. These projects were aligned with community goals and needs, making “the healthy choice the easy choice.” The best way to handle heart disease is by overall prevention. Preventing heart disease is possible by eating healthy, staying active, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure, and managing stress.

CHC strives to provide the means for active living and healthy eating within Meigs County. For example, in 2020, CHC coordination and funds provided an additional walking path for the Syracuse Municipal Park. Along with the walking path, updates were provided to the batting cages, making the area more inclusive, safer, and friendly for activities. This way, Syracuse and all Meigs County residents will have another location to exercise for their health and well-being. The park updates were one out of six projects throughout the County for healthier eating and active living. Taking full advantage of the CHC projects will aid in prevention or the management of heart disease.

Did you also know that exercise is a wonderful way to relieve stress? Exercising is one of the top suggested activities to manage or reduce stress. Conveniently, reducing stress is another way to prevent or improve heart disease. Understanding the correlation between exercise, healthy eating, and chronic disease management/prevention is why CHC was created. The program seeks opportunities to make exercising and healthy eating possible for all Meigs Countians, to prevent and manage heart disease, along with other chronic diseases. As we begin the new year, CHC will work within the community to provide many more resources for exercising and healthier eating, all to manage and reduce heart disease within our area. If you have any questions regarding CHC projects, please contact Sara Hill at the Meigs County Health Department.

By Sara Hill

Contributing columnist

Sara Hill is the Creating Healthy Communities Project Director at the MCHD.

Sara Hill is the Creating Healthy Communities Project Director at the MCHD.