Parlez-vous français? Learn a new language

Learn a new language

By Debbie Saunders - Contributing columnist

Did you learn a new language as a high school or college student? While in high school, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take four years of French classes. Our class not only learned the language, but also much about the culture of French-speaking countries. My fellow classmates and I were assigned French names, which we were expected to go by while in the classroom. Occasionally, we were required to plan and prepare special French cuisine for our lunch. This experience was not only a fun way to supplement our learning, but also a way to skip cafeteria lunch for the day.

Perhaps you are interested in brushing up on the language you learned years ago or maybe you did not have the opportunity to learn a new language as a traditional student. With many of us spending more time at home these days, why not take advantage of the online language resources available to you through Bossard Memorial Library?

Transparent Language Online for Libraries is a complete language-learning system and is a highly regarded and proven system providing a wide variety of high-quality learning material and seamless integration of real-life language use.

Through the Library’s website (, patrons of Bossard Library will have unlimited access to more than 120 languages, with lessons and course materials designed to build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Transparent Language Online for Libraries is packed with pronunciation practice, speech analysis, grammar, writing activities, and vocabulary-building activities.

Patrons can learn on their own time, at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home, or on-the-go. Optimized for touchscreen use, Transparent Language Online for Libraries works on virtually any Internet-connected device or computer through a web browser.

In addition to offering Transparent Language Online for Libraries, Bossard Library also offers online college courses on hundreds of topics, including those related to learning new languages. These “Gale Courses for Public Libraries” are available to library cardholders and include topics such as Speed Spanish, Conversational Japanese, Instant Italian, and Beginning Conversational French, as well as courses related to English as a Second Language (ESL). Among the most popular courses taken by Bossard Library patrons are the various sign language courses available to cardholders.

Those who do not have a library card are encouraged to apply for a card by visiting the Library or applying online for a digital-only library card.

To access these language tools, click the Find Information > Research tabs on the Library website home page and follow the registration steps as directed.

If you prefer to borrow books from the Library to assist you in your quest to master a new language, the Library has an extensive collection of language books for your perusal.

As you study the languages of various countries, you may wish to learn more about the culture and cuisine of those parts of the world. The Library has a wide variety of cookbooks from which you may choose. Make it a “theme night” at your house by experimenting with recipes of other lands!

It is the mission of Bossard Library to promote lifelong learning. Now is the time to engage your mind to learn a new language – even if you have never had the opportunity before. Be sure to take advantage of all your local library, or as the French would say, bibliothèque, offers to you and your family today!

Source: Transparent Language
Learn a new language

By Debbie Saunders

Contributing columnist

Debbie Saunders is director of the Dr. Samuel L. Bossard Memorial Library in Gallipolis.

Debbie Saunders is director of the Dr. Samuel L. Bossard Memorial Library in Gallipolis.