See your mom in a new light this Mother’s Day

By Rachel Hale - Contributing columnist

May is a month of celebrations that include graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and of course the big one is Mother’s Day.

Flowers, candy, dinner out; these are some of the most common “gifts” that we shower our mothers with on their special day. Some of us will spend the afternoon or maybe the whole day with her, making many cherished memories.

As you spend time with your mother this year, I encourage you to really take a long look at her and “see” her in a different light if you can.

Grab out an old photo of her, maybe on her wedding day. Compare the bright youthful smile; notice the flawless skin and maybe she was a size or two smaller than she is today. See how beautiful she was in her youth? Then take a long look at her now. I would say that those wrinkles and lines that you see could be referred to as the road map of her life.

What do I mean by that? Well, see those fine lines at the corners of her eyes? Laugh lines are what they are most commonly called. These are from all the many times she smiled and laughed at your jokes and escapades; all the times that she smiled with pride at your accomplishments.

Now what about those deep crevices on her forehead? Those are what we like to call stress or worry lines. Just think about all the times as you were growing up that she had to let you try something new, learn a lesson or make a mistake. Each time, she would add another line. Then, when you graduated high school and headed off to college; I can guarantee you she added more than just a few then.

Look at her eyes; see how they sparkle whenever you and your family come to visit? She delights in hearing all that you have to tell her. I would say that if you ever wondered what love truly “looked like;” you have a perfect example right in front of you.

My mother left this earth before her road map was completely drawn; however, I am blessed to know many other mothers and grandmothers that have acquired theirs. When I look at them, I see some of the most beautiful women. These women have given so fully of themselves, loved without limits and taught by example.

I will leave you with a quote that someone gave me: “Live your life fully, love more than you think you can and laugh because you are earning your road map!”

Have a Blessed and Happy Mother’s Day!

By Rachel Hale

Contributing columnist

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County, Ohio.

The writer is the executive director of the Senior Center of Sidney and Shelby County, Ohio.