Letter to the Editor: Reader concerned about renaming road

Reader concerned about renaming road

Dear Editor,

I am Nick Smith, resident of Johnson Ridge. Shannon Polcyn asked me to sign the petition for the name change for Johnson Ridge to Polcyn Ridge, which I signed and later had my name removed from the petition after considering both sides. We have 27 letters written and signed by residents of Johnson Ridge against the name change of Johnson Ridge.

We the residents love and respect the Polcyns. Most residents have lived on Johnson Ridge their entire life and wish not to change the name. My family has lived on Johnson Ridge long before the Polcyns and have WWII veterans, Vietnam veterans and Gulf War veterans in our history. We are not asking for a name change, just that it be left as Johnson Ridge.

I don’t think most people realize the monetary cost involved could run into the thousands of dollars. Residents against the name change have come up with an idea to have some type of memorial for the Polcyns to be placed on Johnson Ridge. From my understanding, not all of the Polcyns agree that it should be changed also.

Our forefathers named this road many years ago to be Johnson Ridge for the many Johnsons that lived here. It would not be fair to those folks and the other families that live here.

I ask the commissioners and community to focus their time and energy to erect a memorial for the Polcyns, not to change the name of our beloved Johnson Ridge Road.

Thank you,

Nick Smith


Reader concerned about renaming road