Consider giving gift of crochet art this Christmas

Karen Buffington - Guest Columnist

This year is about to come to an end and the holidays are almost here. You dream of good times with family and friends, especially, the time of giving.

Mass produced items are not always the best way to shop.

This year, more than ever before, may you give and receive in abundance as you share sweet holiday joy through crochet gift-giving.

It’s not a cheap route to take, but it’s a creative one. So many beautiful items, well-put-together, can be hand-crocheted for baby, to grandmother and grandfather by the independent crochet artists I have met. “You” are the one who thinks they would not appreciate your works of love.

So, why not celebrate by finding the time to get together, like the Old Fashioned Quilting Bees of days gone by, with other hookers, to crochet some unique items: trimmings, stocking, inspirational wall hangings, gingerbread cottages, dolls and etc.

Collect a wide variety of projects, if possible, that will help you out whenever you need to stitch up a quick gift or bazaar items. For those who can make their hooks hum beautiful music, these projects can be done in a few hours, so make then “your choice!”

Take along

Crocheting is so portable, so any time I go on a trip, my crochet goes with me. There are some exceptions to that rule.

During your down time, you can work on a project. You may not think so, but a lot of progress can be made and, eventually, you have something to show for your efforts.

I don’t consider myself a “so-called expert,” but there are a few stitches I am improving upon as times goes on and learning so many new ones as I continue to hum along. This is what makes this art interesting and fun.

Grow and change

I don’t care who you are, the majority of us love something about the “good old days.” What is called nostalgic was interesting and fun. The fact is, it’s over.

What mother and grandmother used to stitch up, as good as they were or are, will be in our memory forever. The reality is, “everything does change, everybody changes and they grow.” Why not be more interesting and change rather than staying in the same mode all the time? Change what you do, be more interesting, keep getting better and make people say, “Fancy that!”

Humming hooks

I have met so many talented crocheters during the years I have been doing crochet art. We talked, we shopped, helped one another with a stitch or two, met in a group setting and, sometimes, listened when they didn’t know I was listening in on their conversations with others, about all the creative work they do to keep those hooks humming.

Shame on me!

So, since we are such a creative group, why can’t we present a crochet gallery of our artwork? It would not be to compare with others, but to show how crochet art can be expressed so it can gain more appreciation.

We can learn from each other during that time of sharing. Maybe people will appreciate the beauty and awesomeness of crochet on display. How about it?

Knotty or nice

By this time of the year, if you are making gifts, there are a lot of quick ideas in mind that you can make and give to a friend or family member.

There are bath and hand towels that can be trimmed with beautiful edging; safe toys that can be crocheted for babies and toddlers, place mats and even doilies.

Whatever you do, enjoy doing it. Whether you’re “knotty or nice,” I hope your stocking will be filled with beautiful gifts.

Merry Christmas to all and a wonderful New Year!

Karen Buffington

Guest Columnist

Karen Buffington is a crochet artist who owns and operates Karen’s Korner Crochet Shop, 93 Pine St., Gallipolis.

Karen Buffington is a crochet artist who owns and operates Karen’s Korner Crochet Shop, 93 Pine St., Gallipolis.