The president is wrong on refugee issue

Ron Branch - Pastor

We are aware of the terrorist tragedy that occurred in Paris last Friday, in which 129 people were either blown up or shot to death and 350 more injured by a group of radical Muslims.

But, that is not all. The report at the time of this writing on Wednesday morning was that the French law enforcement had thwarted another planned attack by an associated radical Muslim group in which two of the group died and seven were captured. It is abundantly clear: radical Muslims are not going to stop attacking or at least prepare for attacking with intent to kill and maim the “infidels” at any opportunity.

Yet, despite the obvious radical Muslim intentions, U.S. President Barack Obama is politically motivated to ram down the throat of America the infusion of several thousand displaced people into our country from the Middle East. These are Muslims fleeing Muslims. The problem for us is that adequate time is not being taken to thoroughly check these people out before sanctioning each into our national community.

I do not mind them coming here. But, it only makes good common sense that they clear waivers with our confidence. Goodness! The government checks us out! Look no further than the West Virginia DMV to get a license renewed and consider all the documents and information they require of you to prove who you are and where you live. The same thing involves the IRS and its expectations for documents and proof.

And, then the leader of our nation wants to spontaneously let a large contingency of people into our nation in which there may be those whose sole purpose is to add support to the radical Muslim ideology already existing around us? Some of them may be using this refugee status as an opportunity to position themselves closer to destroyable targets such as you and me, or our children.

Since that understanding is viable, there is absolutely nothing wrong and everything right to take some time to make proper determinations about each before extending an official welcome to them to the greatest nation on earth. The president is wrong not to give us some time to check the people out for ourselves. You do not give evil a chance to work with an advantage.

But, when it comes to that specific point of giving evil a chance to work with an advantage, such is what we have become unwittingly supportive. Francisco Sanchez was deported five times from our country. But, although he had seven prior felony convictions, he was given one more advantage which he used to work evil in our country. It cost Kathryn Steinle her life. Other Americans have met the same result because of those who have taken advantage of being in our country.

Furthermore, if it is wrong to give evil a chance to work with an advantage, then why is there the legalization of formerly illegal drugs in some of our states? Obviously, the advantage given and taken is opportunity under the law to openly practice immorality.

Nick Lachey was disappointed that Ohio voters turned down legalizing marijuana, but reasoned that “change takes time.” His conclusion on the vote is reflective of the liberal progressive’s mindset that time will effectively bend people’s feelings to give chances to practice evil advantageously.

If it is wrong to give evil a chance to work with an advantage, then why has the gambling business been legalized by law? All it has done is allow people to become legally addicted. All it has done is to allow children to become legally poverty stricken. All it has done is to allow people to legally thumb the nose at the providence of God.

You see what we are up against in these desperate days? We are just as wrong as the president’s plan in that, in many ways, we either support, or are uncaring about, giving evil a chance to work with advantage.

The Scripture warns, “Whoso rewards evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.” In other words, if we continue to support giving evil a chance to work with advantage, evil will consume everything.

God help us.

Ron Branch


The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.