Message in a spider web

Michele Zirkle Marcum - Guest Columnist

I woke up and there they were just staring at me again — the glowing red digits of my alarm clock.

Its 1:19 a.m. and a song’s running through my head I haven’t heard in years … “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” by Simon and Garfunkel. I flip on the lamp and choose a random page in my book of daily meditations, wishing the song could have at least been one I liked if I’m going to lose sleep over it when, suddenly, I see something black wiggle across my pillowcase.

The sheets cling to me as I scramble to escape the uninvited bug. My legs get tangled around the sheets and my head hits the floor, barely missing the nightstand. After peeling back the quilt and pillows and finding nothing, I convince myself it must have been my derelict hair that I saw out of the corner of my eye. It is late, but I am accustomed to being awakened occasionally with a message from the spirit realm and I’ve never hallucinated.

The messages haven’t revealed the winning lottery numbers — yet, but I have avoided a potential wreck by taking an inspired alternative route and intercepted a phone call that resulted in a couple bidding on my house. I enjoy the divine tips, but I’d prefer an earlier session of this midnight ministry.

Settling back in bed, the words, “I will ease your mind, like a bridge …” still playing strong, I pull up the lyrics to the song on my phone. One verse I don’t recognize jumps out at me. “Sail on silver girl. Your dreams are coming true.”

I ‘m thinking how much I want to believe they are when I spot a black shape crawling toward my face.

This time, I’m quick to hop up. A spider’s sitting on my pillow. I observe it ascend a shiny strand, resisting the urge to squash it. I cant’ kill it. It’s only doing what it knows to do — to weave, to create.

My eyes trail the spider’s ascent until I’m staring overhead at a giant silver web. I’ve never seen one glisten so. Then it hits me — silver. Galena is an ore of silver.

I recently got engaged and plan on moving to a town named Galena. Before bed, I was praying to know if the marriage and the move are the right choices for me. Now I know I am the silver girl in the song who indeed will flourish when I “sail on,” as the verse declares.

I whisper a thank you to whichever angel serenaded me out of my sleep and a thank you to the spider that spun one of the clues that provide another breadcrumb on my journey. I flip off the light feeling secure as the spider spins above me and grateful that I didn’t kill it.

Michele Zirkle Marcum

Guest Columnist

Michele Zirkle Marcum is a native of Meigs County and an author. Her column will appear each Tuesday in Ohio Valley Publishing.

Michele Zirkle Marcum is a native of Meigs County and an author. Her column will appear each Tuesday in Ohio Valley Publishing.