Letter to the Editor: Honoring local veterans

Honoring local veterans

Dear Editor,

We are honoring Charles (Charlie) Garnes and Edward (Ed) Griffin, United States Army veterans, this month. These men help our seniors and youth with location directions (they are human GPS) and we all know that seniors need location directions as well as children when they are lost. They help with historical events in the community and historical events at churches, the historical markers at Bethel Baptist Church Morgan Center and the historical marker at New Hope Baptist Church on State Route 554 near the Tycoon Lake intersection. They are teaching Sunday school and Community youth; teaching them time management, honoring their parents and leaders, and mannerisms that lead to becoming a refined young woman or man. We hope that you will thank these men for the good they do for their nation state and especially the good they do in Gallia County Ohio.

Nellie Ruby Taylor


(Editor’s note: This is part of a continuing effort to recognize two local veterans a month.)

Honoring local veterans