Letter to the Editor: Honoring local veterans

Honoring local veterans

Dear Editor,

I would like to propose that we honor our veterans every month by honoring two of our local citizens, one from the county and one from the city, who have come back from the various wars and are helping our nation to maintain its integrity. These men and women are role models and we all know that our youth are our future so let’s start by honoring Earnest “Speedy” Walker and Clarence Blakeney Stout for their service to our country in the U.S. Army and their outstanding leadership as citizens in our state and in Gallia County. They both have performed volunteer maintenance for senior citizens and are role models for our youth. They mentor and teach by the honorable way they live and give; they both have given blood via the Red Cross most of their lives and have been faithful to planting gardens and harvesting the crops and giving the food to the churches and neighbors in the community. These men are exemplary and what makes us proud to be Americans and proud of our veterans. When you see these men be sure to thank them for the service they give to our country, our state and especially the service in good deeds in Gallia County. I hope you will join me in supporting a proposal to honor two veterans every month.

Nellie Ruby Taylor


Honoring local veterans