How many heartbeats?

How many heartbeats?

By Michele Zirkle Marcum - Contributing columnist

You get 144,000 heartbeats a day. What will your next one pump into your world?

With each beat we get another few seconds to create the life we want. The pounding of our hearts can be positive or positively annoying depending on our attitudes. Thoughts take shape with each pulse and we decide, consciously or not, to create a goal, a dream, an agenda or to amass a plethora of reasons why we can’t do what we want to do—what our heart is crying out to do. With each thump inside our chests, we are fueled with the energy we need to make another split-second decision. Will yours be purposeful or passive?

Passion sparks the purposeful life when we acknowledge the inspiring voice directing our actions. Passion is soft as a flutter and loud as a cannon.

Sometimes I hear the heartbeat inside my eardrum more acutely than usual. Whether it’s due to fluid behind my eardrum or a lack of thyroid hormone, it’s annoying and I just want the incessant pummeling inside my ear canal to stop.

Passion pounding within a heart can be just as aggravating—especially if we fight the Editor inside us who is attempting to direct the most entertaining screenplay possible given our specific talents.

Heart-power is horsepower that propels us into the becoming of our dreams. Our heart-power writes our script—if we let it. Just like a physician writes a prescription based on what he deems healthy for us, we write the script for our lives according to what we feel is in our best interest.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we print it. We type it. We coddle it in our dreams. We rock it. We talk to it. We swim with it and run with it. We carry it with us, each beat stamping an imprint of possibility—of desire and longing for purpose.

We were born knowing our purpose. That purpose is inherent in our hearts as much as the blood and oxygen circulating through our veins. We were born with an all-star Director living inside our hearts, but if we want to be the star in our own play, we must carry-out the Great Director’s orders and stop hiding out backstage.

It’s when we allow doubt and fear to become the Director of our screenplay that the beating of our very heart seems unbearable. We run behind stage. We hide behind the props—our houses, our careers, our hectic schedules. We wait breathlessly waiting for the curtain to fall so we won’t run the risk of falling flat on our face onstage.

Knowing that we are one breath from death can cause panic to set in or perseverance to take over. We can embrace the passion pulsating throughout our being or we can break a leg so we have an excuse for our crutches—our props, our addictions, our excuses.

Whatever the decision, just know that the script we are writing becomes obscure when we ignore the beat of our passion—that propulsive beat of desire thumping, pounding from our four-chambered center.

So, whether we are learning a new skill for work or play, setting off for the prairie lands to chant with our ancestors or embarking on a new business venture we know will make the world a cleaner, wiser, more pleasant place in which to live, do it with passion. Let the horsepower of your heart led the way—and whatever you do, don’t forget to pick up the dry-cleaning and stop at the bank along the way. You’ll need the money and the proper attire for the stellar part you are playing.

What passion is writing your script?
How many heartbeats?

By Michele Zirkle Marcum

Contributing columnist

Michele Zirkle Marcum is a native of Meigs County, author of “Rain No Evil” and host of Life Speaks on AIR radio. Access more at\lifespeaks.

Michele Zirkle Marcum is a native of Meigs County, author of “Rain No Evil” and host of Life Speaks on AIR radio. Access more at\lifespeaks.