ODOT: Keep political signs off highway right-of-way

Staff Report

MARIETTA — During the campaign season, many public and private entities like to show their political support by putting up candidate signs.

But the Ohio Department of Transportation is asking people to “mind your signs” and keep them off the state’s highway right-of-way.

According to Ohio law, highway right-of-way is to be used exclusively for public highway purposes. Only uniform marking guides and warning signs are allowed on the state’s highway right-of-way. ODOT has jurisdiction over all interstates, Ohio state routes and U.S. routes on the state’s 49,000 mile highway system.

ODOT highway crews will be removing all signs, without notice, located on the highway right-of-way. Signs will be taken to the nearest county garage facility to be picked up by the owner, with the agreement they will not be placed on the right-of-way. Signs will be held for 30 days at each county facility before properly being disposed.

ODOT does not have jurisdiction inside city and village limits.

Staff Report