Bidwell man arraigned for B&E

By Dean Wright - [email protected]

GALLIPOLIS — A Bidwell man was arraigned Wednesday on the charges of breaking and entering in an incident involving a Second Avenue home near Hogg Haven Saloon.

According to Gallipolis police reports, at approximately 10 p.m. Monday, officers were dispatched to a Second Avenue residence where a man was reportedly trying to enter a home with the occupants still inside. Police were advised the husband was observing the man outside of the home as the wife and child had moved upstairs. Officers deployed to the area on foot. Three officers were involved in the incident.

Officers swung about the backyard of the residence before reportedly detaining Marshall Chapman, 35, after locating him near a flower pot and a privacy fence in the backyard. After Chapman was cuffed, the homeowner approached officers and said Chapman was a man who had tried gaining access to the residence’s back sliding glass door and garage. The detained man was reportedly intoxicated. Chapman was secured in the back of a police cruiser.

According to reports, the homeowner stated he heard rattling of a screen door leading to his bedroom. The homeowner originally looked out the door and saw no one, but soon reported to have seen Chapman attempting to enter the garage of the residence. The homeowner told his wife to call 911 and then heard someone hitting and kicking at the sliding door again.

Officers continued investigating before having their attention drawn to the back patio of the Hogg Haven Saloon. Individuals on the patio told officers the man in custody had supposedly also been causing a disturbance at the business. Reports say Chapman was in the parking lot of the saloon and had struck and kicked a 1987 Corvette. No immediate damage was seen on the vehicle, reports say. Statements were taken from those available at the site.

Damage of the residence was recorded by police before Chapman was transported to the Washington County Jail.

In August of last year, police intercepted and shot a man who had brought a gun into the saloon and reportedly reached for the weapon when police attempted to detain him.

Chapman was arraigned on the charges breaking an entering, a fifth-degree felony, and held on a bond of $100,000 with a 10 percent surety.

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By Dean Wright

[email protected]