Ohio U. professor wins cardiovascular research award

Staff Report

ATHENS — Dr. Tadeusz Malinski, Ohio University’s Marvin White Chair and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, won an award from the International Academy of Cardiology for his scientific research earlier this month.

The Albrecht Fleckenstein Memorial Award, presented at the 21st World Congress on Heart Disease in Boston, Massachusetts, honors distinguished work in the field of basic research.

A committee of 225 of the world’s leading cardiologists and scientists chose Malinski as the winner of the Albrecht Fleckenstein Memorial Award for his research on heartbeat performance and blood flow in the circulatory system, drug and gene delivery, heart transplant and organ transplantation. He was one of eight cardiologists and professors who received honors recently from the IAC’s annual scientific sessions.

“I am honored my work was recognized by the world’s leading cardiology scientists and researchers,” said Malinski. “I hope the work of my lab at Ohio University will impact beneficially the many lives Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart transplants and heart disease affect each year. The Albrecht Fleckenstein Memorial Award will help continue the good work of the Nanomedical Research Lab here at Ohio University.”

Malinski earned a Ph.D. obtained from Poznan University of Technology in Poland. His research on nanomedicine, the development and application of nanosensors, nanobiotechnology is published regularly in academic journals, such as the International Journal of Nanomedicine and the American Journal of Hypertension. In addition to research, Malinski teaches advanced chemistry classes at Ohio University.


Staff Report