Naked Gallia woman attempts to escape deputy custody

By Dean Wright - [email protected]

Hannah Overstreet

Hannah Overstreet

GALLIPOLIS — A Cheshire woman reportedly attempted Thursday to escape deputy custody at the Gallia County Courthouse wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops.

A witness at the courthouse reported the woman as being Hannah Overstreet, 21. The woman allegedly dashed out the front door of the Gallia County Jail and ran across the front entrance of the Gallia Courthouse and attempted to exit the area on a ramp used as a handicap entrance. A deputy at the front door of the courthouse reportedly dashed off after Overstreet. Both supposedly flipped over the railing of the handicapped path. Overstreet got up and ran into the courthouse parking lot at one point before doubling back to run between a few buildings near Locust Street before the deputy grabbed her. She was then brought back to the jail.

According to Lt. Kevin Werry, of the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office, his reports indicate Overstreet had acted unruly in the jail earlier in the day. She allegedly stripped naked and refused to put her clothes back on. Corrections officers attempted to move her from one room to another. In the process, Overstreet scuffled with officers and banged against a door to the jail a few times. At one point, Werry said the electricity in the magnetic lock of the door may have failed and Overstreet slipped out.

“The incident is currently under investigation,” said Gallia County Sheriff Joe Browning. “We were glad the deputy could quickly get (Overstreet) subdued.”

According to a sheriff’s office official, Overstreet was being held on a felony drug charge.

The sheriff said information will be presented to the Gallia County Prosecutor for possible grand jury review.

Escaping a jail under the Ohio Revised Code, if the offender is under detention for a misdemeanor, can potentially be a fifth-degree felony charge and carry up to a year in jail and a fine of $2,500.

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Hannah Overstreet Overstreet

By Dean Wright

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