City moves forward on waterfront project

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallipolis City Commissioners agreed Tuesday to contract with Pullins Excavation for the public access waterfront project on First Avenue near Gallipolis City Park.

Pullins Excavation, of Pomeroy, brought in the lowest bid for the waterfront project, which aims to turn the public use area below Gallipolis City Park into a more user-friendly area with better docking, parking and an amphitheater for waterfront performances.

Last year, city officials spoke with state representatives in an attempt to combine grants to allow for roughly $1 million in funding for the project after contractors chose to not take up the project. According to Gallipolis City Manager Gene Greene, Pullins Excavation is stepping up to the plate.

“I’ve done a little research on them,” Greene said. “They have a good work record, a good work history and seem like they’re good to work with. I have E.L. Robinson’s (the city’s engineering consultation firm) bid recommendation here if anyone would like to see it. It says, ‘We have conducted contractor experience and records on Pullins and they are more than willing to award the contract to Pullins.’ They (E.L. Robinson) are very satisfied with their feedback on that.”

Greene said he also received an email from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that had also approved Pullins Excavation.

“From what I’ve researched and heard back, I’d like to recommend Pullins for this job over here,” Greene said. “I think they will do us a good job, from what I can tell. They are ready and willing to work and want to please us and make this job successful.”

Pullins Excavation representatives Sam Hatcher and Steve Pullins thanked the commission for the opportunity to participate in the waterfront project.

“The things we will commit to your group is that we will use as many local vendors and local contractors as we possibly can,” said Hatcher and Pullins. “It’s critical to our success and forming a relationship in the area. We’re aware that that is important and we’ll certainly do everything we can.”

Pullins Excavation commented that the job was well-suited to both the commission and the contractor’s needs because it allowed for employees to go home at the end of the night without a great deal of travel, as well as allowing them to engage in making the community a better place.

Greene also thanked state Rep. Ryan Smith for his support of the project.

Commission members said they would like work to begin on the waterfront “yesterday” and Pullins Excavation replied they would attempt to get under way as soon as they can get their equipment mobilized and paperwork finalized.

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By Dean Wright