Gallia men to serve prison sentences

GALLIPOLIS —Two Gallipolis men were recently sentenced to time in prison for separate and unrelated crimes.

Jared Gaither, 19, of Gallipolis, pleaded guilty Friday to attempted aggravated robbery (a second-degree felony) and attempted escape (a third-degree felony) Gallia County Common Pleas Court and was ordered to serve four years in prison

“In March 2016, the defendant came into contact with two other individuals in the area of Chatham Avenue in the city of Gallipolis,” Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins said. “During this contact, the defendant brandished a firearm and demanded money and cell phones from the two individuals. The defendant then fled on foot to a nearby vehicle and then left the area.”

Gaither was indicted for attempted aggravated robbery in April 2016 by the Gallia County grand jury. Gaither remained in the Gallia County Jail during the prosecution of his criminal case.

While in the custody of the Gallia County sheriff and residing in the Gallia County Jail in June 2016, Gaither attempted to escape detention, according to Gallia County Assistant Prosecutor Britt Wiseman. Gaither pushed a corrections officer trying to exit his cell block. The corrections officer, along with assistance from other officers, was able to detain Gaither and return him to his cell.

Jason A. Jones, 38, of Gallipolis, recently pleaded guilty in three different criminal cases in the Gallia County Common Pleas Court — all involving drug trafficking and/or drug possession.

In October 2015, Jones visited a patient at Woodland Centers, a mental health and addiction services institution in Gallipolis. While on the visit, Jones left 0.18 grams of heroin on the grounds of the facility so that the patient could retrieve it at a later time. The staff at Woodland Centers noticed the behavior and was able to locate the substance before it was retrieved. The substance was turned over to local law enforcement and confirmed through the BCI laboratory as heroin.

Jones pleaded guilty to attempted illegal conveyance, a fourth-degree felony, and received 18 months in prison, the maximum sentenced permitted under Ohio law.

Also in October 2015, a search warrant was conducted on a residence on Hilda Drive in Gallipolis. Officers were originally called to the scene for a domestic disturbance. After securing the search warrant, officers seized heroin from inside a room inhabited by Jones. Officers located 0.12 grams of heroin which was also confirmed by BCI. Others on the scene were arrested for drug-related charges.

Jones pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, a fourth-degree felony, and received 18 months in prison, the maximum sentenced permitted under Ohio law.

In January 2016, officers from the Gallipolis Police Department were dispatched to a disturbance at a local hotel within the city of Gallipolis. Jones, along with others, were refusing to vacate the premises as requested by hotel staff. At the time, Jones was in possession of one hydrocodone tablet. The tablet was sent off to BCI laboratory for testing and confirmed it was a Schedule II controlled substance.

Jones pleaded guilty to possession of hydrocodone, a fifth-degree felony, and received 12 months in prison, the maximum sentenced permitted under Ohio law.

“As part of our agreement, all three maximum sentences were ordered to be served consecutively to one another for a total term of incarceration of four years,” Adkins said. “This defendant has several other drug convictions in the Gallia County Common Pleas Court. We insisted on maximum sentences because we must send the message loud and clear that we will not tolerate heroin and other drugs being brought into our community. For four years, parents in Gallia County do not have to worry about this person peddling drugs on the streets, in your neighborhood or in your child’s school.”

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