Village of Rio Grande annexes land north of US 35

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Commissioners approved the annexation of land Thursday just north of U.S. 35 and Rio Grande to incorporate the property into the village’s limits.

Commissioner David Smith was away for the day, however, colleague commissioners Harold Montgomery and Brent Saunders both approved the extension of village limits. A public hearing was held in the Gallia County Courthouse in late June to discuss the matter. LandBaron Properties met with county commissioners as well as Gallia Auditor Larry Betz. According to Rio Grande Mayor Matt Easter, the property located at 103 Buckeye Hills Road was petitioning to be brought into the municipality through the annexation process. The owner of the property is Bill Dummitt. LandBaron Properties will be serving as the organization behind the properties further development.

“There’s already a house and a two-story apartment there, that’s the red building,” said a build team representative previously. “Right there, there is about seven acres. What he (Dummitt) wants to do is put in 10 cabins that go up a hill near Buckeye Hills but not up to the fence or where their property is. Put in 10 rental cabins there with a small driveway and not have to move the gas line or anything like that. The reason to move inside the village is just to tap into their sewer which is already right there.”

County commissioners previously tabled the annexation process to speak with counsel due to a matter of legal question regarding two separate codes within the Ohio Revised Code and annexation. After consulting with Gallia Assistant Prosecutor Eric Mulford, commissioners reviewed section 709.02 as opposed to section 709.16.

The new property will see a little over seven acres come into village territory. This now means the property can be serviced by the village’s water treatment facility as well as receive support from its fire and police departments.

“We’re very excited to see more expansion of our great village and appreciate the commissioners’ attention on this issue,” said Easter.

Raccoon Township and Rio Grande village officials previously approved of the move before the matter was brought to the attention of the commissioners.

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By Dean Wright