For the record

By Dean Wright -

GALLIA COUNTY — The following complaints were recently taken by the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office:

On Saturday, deputies responded to a residence on Green Terrace Court. According to a complaint filed with the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office, Shauna Beaver, 24, allegedly had several individuals in at her residence consuming alcohol. Earlier, deputies had approached the residence in response to a complaint of underage persons drinking and a loud party taking place. The deputy reported excessive noise coming from the residence and allegedly warned Beaver a citation may be issued if the deputy returned.

The deputy sat at a nearby church and heard yelling coming from the residence, according to the complaint papers. A vehicle pulled away from the residence and the deputy stopped it. He later returned to the church and again could hear yelling. The deputy approached the home again and allegedly saw Beaver among a group of people yelling at another woman. The deputy attempted to issue a citation to Beaver, but she went into the residence and allegedly refused to come out. The deputy explained Beaver could take the citation or the deputy could come back with a warrant. According to the complaint, the officer told Beaver she was under arrest and she allegedly attempted to resist by pulling away and stiff-arming a pair of deputies.

The complain alleges Beaver violated a second-degree misdemeanor by hampering a public official in the line of duty.


A man from Crown City was alleged to have spit on his wife in the middle of a heated argument on Call Road. The man supposedly also threw soda in her face, shoved her, choked her and bit her finger. The victim reportedly said the man threatened to bury her “six feet under.” The victim reportedly had a wound on her finger and marks on her neck. The victim supposedly filed a protection order against the man.


A man on Buckridge Road in Bidwell reportedly had an argument with a woman with whom he shared a child. The man grabbed the woman and allegedly began to choke her. The woman was reportedly five-months pregnant with the man’s child. The woman blacked out from the choking and then woke up with the man sitting on the coach. The man made the victim sit on the couch and while she was there, she asked him to leave. The victim reported the man grabbed her phone and broke it so she could not call 911, then ran out the back of the apartment.

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By Dean Wright