Gallia receives $181K one-time rebate

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — Gallia Auditor Larry Betz approached Gallia County Commissioners on Thursday to discuss the $181,000 rebate Gallia County would be receiving from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation as a one-time rebate.

The BWC announced in late May that each of the state’s 88 county governments would receiving part of a $15 million one-time rebate from the Public Work-Relief Employees’ Fund. The rebate was made because of investment earnings. Typically, the fund provides counties with workers compensation funding to those working for the county in lieu of income assistance payments.

Betz suggested the county make use of the funds as paperwork states the county could use the money as it pleased. Betz suggested climate control to be used in the Gallia County Courthouse annex or a generator for the entire courthouse if unforeseen circumstances knocked out power.

Commissioner Harold Montgomery said the climate control might cost upwards of $750,000 to install so the money would not be enough. Montgomery also replied that grant funds had been applied to for a generator.

Commissioners said they may hold onto the money and save it for potential issues in the future. Neighboring Meigs County also received a similar amount of money.

Commissioner David Smith said he felt the rebates may have resulted from safety committees that the county set up in 2007.

Commissioners and Betz discussed the recent changes Ohio BCW was going through in how government and private sector employers would go about paying for coverage.

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By Dean Wright