Husband, wife sentenced for drug trafficking

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Angela Sims

Angela Sims

James Sims

GALLIPOLIS — A husband and wife from Gallipolis were recently sentenced by the Gallia County Court of Common Pleas to three years in prison for trafficking heroin within municipal limits.

James Sims, 40, and Angela Sims, 37, both were sentenced for their three years of drug trafficking. Angela was originally sentenced in mid-May while James was sentenced June 1.

“The husband and wife duo was running a heroin trafficking operation out of their home in Gallipolis,” said Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins. “Our investigation into this couple’s illegal activities goes back to July 2015. Through coordination with the (Gallia-Meigs) Major Crimes Task Force, we were able to indict the couple with selling heroin on five different occasions out of their home beginning September 2015 and most recently February 2016.”

Both individuals pleaded guilty to attempted engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a third-degree felony. The couple received the maximum prison sentence, each of them to serve three years in prison. Both began serving time immediately after their sentencing.

“Some may wonder why we don’t rush in after the first purchase of heroin,” said Gallia Assistant Prosecutor Britt Wiseman. “The reason for this is that if we are able to show that someone is engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity (i.e. selling heroin on multiple occasions) then the crime and the penalties are much more severe. Due to the fact that we were able to prove multiple sales of heroin by these individuals, we charged both defendants with an enhanced felony crime. Merely charging them with a single sale of heroin would have resulted in probation. However, our enhanced charge allowed us to send these defendants to prison for three years.”

“The house these defendants were selling out of was only a few blocks away from a school,” said Gallia Assistant Prosecutor Eric Mulford. “We will not allow individuals like those involved in this case to infect the young people of Gallia County. Our work depends on tips from the community.”

Criminal justice officials, as always, encourages the public to call the Gallia County Sheriff’s Office Tip-Line at (740) 446-6555 if they see suspicious activity.

Angela Sims Sims

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