Gallia County Commissioners meet

Agreement approved between area first responders on mutual aid

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Board of Commissioners met earlier this month, focusing on approving the minutes, financial reports, transfers, appropriations and bills, and updates.

Present during the meeting were President Harold G. Montgomery, Vice President M. Eugene Greene and Commissioner Q. Jay Stapleton.

Recorder’s clerk Ruth Ann Millhone met with the commissioners to inquire about the status of the air conditioner in the Gallia County Courthouse. The commissioners noted there are doing everything they can and parts are on order.

Travel requests for Department of Jobs and Family Services (JFS) Director Dana Glassburn were approved. Glassburn had traveled to Columbus to attend OJFSDA Director Training, and to attend several executive meetings, as well as traveling to Jackson for the Ohio JFSDA District Meeting and to Meigs County for the Gallia/Meigs PCS AO Meeting. Glassburn also gave a general update on her department.

Clerk Annette Brown presented the commissioners with the Gallia County Engineer’s 2021 Annual Report submitted by the engineer’s office as required by ORC 5543.02, noting the report was received on May 31. The report was reviewed and is on file in the commissioner’s office.

The commissioners received the 2021 Annual Juvenile Report submitted May 31 by Judge Thomas Moulton Jr. on the court’s activities for 2021 as required by ORC 2151.18. The report was reviewed and is on file in the commissioner’s office.

County Administrator Melissa Clark gave the financial report for May 2022. She also advised the commission that Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) made direct payments to vendors for the USDA Sewer Bonds Refinancing Project in March, and to reflect the receipts and expenditures of the refinancing of these loans, memo entries were made, which needed approval by the commission. One resolution addressed an issue brought to the commission’s attention during the May 28 meeting, the relocation of power poles in Green Township as part of an ongoing sewer project. All entries requested by Clark were approved.

Gallia County Family and Children First Council FCFC Coordinator Laura Jenkins and Chair Counsel Darren Clark met with the commissioner’s to update their financial status and ask the commissioners for help with their short fall of $2,500. Clark asked if it was possible to also allocate $10,000 for year 2023. Montgomery noted the dues in the past have been waived and it could be possible with the board’s approval to agree to pay the 2023 dues and not to be waived. Greene amended his motion to include the dues of $1,000 for year 2023.

Clark, with District 2 Joint Fire Department Tom Wright and Heath Shirley in attendance, presented the lease contract for 2004 Ford F250 Pickup between District 2 Joint Fire Department and the Gallia County Commissioners.

Brown noted part time Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport Manager Kaleb Arms’s probation period expired on May 22, after satisfactory completion of review period and certifications acquired. Montgomery entertained a motion for the permanent appointment of Arms with a pay increase, effective the date of his probation period expiration, which was approved.

Sewer Billing Director Terri Walters met with the commission to discuss a KA Sewer request that Superintendent Tommy Dillon had received and presented to Walters regarding the potential buyer of property in the KA Sewer service area’s request to waive the additional three tap fees for a potential campground or mobile home park. The commissioners agreed there would be a full tap fee on each new tap installs and full monthly billing would be required.

EMS Director Keith Wilson presented the commission with an agreement with area first responders on mutual aid. The agreement states “It is considered to be in the best interest of the governmental units participating: Gallia County Emergency Medical Service and the signed participating Gallia County Fire Departments participating (District 2, Greenfield Township, Centerville, Rio Grande, Vinton, Springfield Township, and Harrison Township), to establish a mutual aid agreement to more adequately provide mutual assistance for medical/injury emergencies occurring within the boundaries of the participating Gallia County Fire Departments, and necessary to establish the procedure for the participating governmental unit to obtain assistance.”

Services will include providing first responder services in the participating fire departments coverage area; this includes coverage area that requires Gallia County EMS unit(s) to respond or one of its mutual aid agencies that has a prolonged and /or delayed response time. Gallia County 911 Dispatch Center will determine the nature of the call and location and when to deem it necessary to alert the participating responders to provide services in an immediate life threatening illness or injury. The Commissioners approved the agreement.

Commission entered into executive session with EMS Director Wilson to consider the employment of public employees. Upon returning to regular session, there was no action taken.

Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau (GCCVB) 2022 Board President Chris Homer and Executive Director Amanda Crouse presented the GCCVB 2021 report. No action was taken.

The commissioners and Clark met with Granger and DLZ for the Jail OAC meeting in the Granger field office conference room, where Clark presented the Commission with Payment Resolution #12 and #13 for the Gallia County Jail Project to Granger Construction Company, recommending approval of the invoices and payment. The resolutions were approved.

Montgomery entertained a motion to allocate $5,000 for communication equipment for the District 2 VFD Dive team, and $5,000 for Emergency power outage equipment for the Centerville Fire Department. Both were approved, and the meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.

Information is based on the Gallia County Commissioners approved minutes.

Agreement approved between area first responders on mutual aid

Staff Report