Commissioners approve projects, financial items

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Board of Commissioners met on April 28 to approve projects and financial matters.

Present during the meeting were Commission President Harold G. Montgomery, Vice President M. Eugene Greene and Commissioner Q. Jay Stapleton.

Following approval of the April 21 meeting minutes, the commissioners received the Canine Shelter weekly report.

County Administrator Melissa Clark gave the financial report. Clark then presented a letter of support for a USDA Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP) grant application by R&C Packing which was approved by the commissioners. The grant will support R&C Packing to expand its capacity with the construction of a new operating facility to be located in the Dan Evans Industrial Park in Bidwell.

Clark presented a service and repair order by Otis Elevator Company in the amount of $3 ,346.31. The repair is outside the current contract with Otis. Clark noted that Maintenance Superintendent Tom Halfhill had reviewed the order and recommended the proposed work . Commissioners passed the motion to approve the repair order.

Clark presented a renewal for CCAO Group Retrospective Rating Plan Agreement. A motion to approve and sign the renewal was approved.

Clark presented the commission with the 2021 Gallia County Landfill Annual Report as prepared and provided by landfill operator Waste Management. Highlights from the report included: 16,999.74 total tons of waste received; 4,910.15 tons of in district waste; 35.63 tons out of district waste; 12 ,053.96 tons of out of state waste; Morgan Township received $$4,048.50 (0.25 per ton) as the host township; Gallia County Commissioners received $4,42 1.73 ($0.35 per ton) as a host community effective May 6, 2021; tipping fee, $57.00 per ton; 222,997 cubic yards of total remaining gross airspace; remaining constructed capacity; remaining life based on waste accepted as of December 31, 2021 is 9 years; o gallons of re-circulation; 547,4 80 gallons offsite disposal; estimates of closure and post-closure cost: final closure ,$2,672,650.66, 2021 post-closure $2,052,599.51, 2021 final closure $2,782.229.34 {based on 4.1% inflation factor ), 2021 post-closure estimates $2,136,756.09 (based on 4.1% inflation factor). Updated bonds are included with the new estimates and extended from April 1-April 1, 2023.

Clark advised of receipt of correspondence from Ohio EPA indicating the 2021 Annual Report for Gallia County Landfill was in compliance with ORC 3734 and OAC 3745-27-09.

Clark presented a quote from Christian Morris Construction Inc for gutter repair of the County Garage and Engineer Office in the amount of $2,800. The motion to repair was approved.

GM CAA Grants Administrator Karen Sprague presented the Commission with Payment Resolutions for projects that included # 10 for the Green Sewer Phase 2 Project for the following items : engineering fees, $39,790.87, legal fees,$2 ,536.25, construction $320 ,002 .17, total = $362,329.29. Invoices to be paid as follows : DLZ invoice 63077,$39,790.87 to be paid directly to DLZ by OPWC from OPWC; disbursement request #6 Bricker & Eckler invoices 801200 & 802218, $2 ,536 .2 5 to be paid to Bricker & Eckler by Gallia County from USDA draw #7, J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc., pay application # 8,$320,002.17 to be paid to J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. by Gallia County from USDA draw #7; USDA Disbursement #7 for the Green Sewer Phase 2 Project for the following items: Bricker & Eckler invoices 801200 & 802218, $2,536.25, J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. pay application# 8,$320,002.17, total USDA disbursement request$322,538.42; OPWC disbursement request #6 for the Green Sewer Phase 2 Project for the following items: DLZ invoice 63077 – $39,790.87 (will be paid directly to DLZ from OPWC, total OPWC disbursement request #6 $39,790.87). Commissioners approved the motions for all projects.

Gallia County Board of Commissioners also met on April 21 to approve projects and financial matters.

The Canine Committee held their semiannual meeting in the Gallia County Commissioners office at 8:30 a.m. They presented their weekly report at the Commissioners meeting that followed.

Clark presented a purchase order agreement with Aim Media Midwest for public notice advertisement utilizing American Rescue Plan (ARPA) fiscal recovery funds. The commissioners approved that agreement.

Clark presented the Commission with an agreement with American Electric Power Ohio , drafted by Doug Shevelow, Bricker & Eckler, to relocate certain power poles interfering with the Green Township Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase II at a cost of $46,105.27 . Clark noted the relocation of the power poles is outside sewer project scope of work. Commissioners approved the motion to grant permission and utilize American Rescue Plan (ARPA) fiscal recovery funds as a Provision of Government Services.

Clark discussed with the commissioners ARPA reporting and noted they could continue categorizing expenditures or submit a total as loss revenue. No action was taken.

A resolution for Gallia County Land Reutilization Corporation to apply for Brownefield remediation program was approved by the commissioners.

The Brownfield Remediation Program was established by House Bill 110 and is administered by the Ohio Department of Development. The program was created to award grants for the remediation of brownfield sites throughout Ohio, and to assist in the remediation of hazardous substances or petroleum at an industrial, commercial, or institutional property.

The resolution by the Gallia County Board of Commissioners authorizes the Gallia County Land Reutilization Corporation to be the lead agency to apply for the Brownfield Remediation Program and upon award of the funds, the Corporation will be responsible for administration and implementation of the program.

Sewer Billing Director Terri Walters recommended the permanent appointment of Shayla N. Mullins as a part time sewer clerk. Mullins satisfactory completed her probation period on April 12, and the commissioners approved the motion of her permanent appointment of Shayla N. Mullins.

Commissioners entered into executive session with Jobs and Family Services Director Dana Glassburn to consider the employment of public employees. No action was taken.

Sheriff Matthew D. Champlin submitted a resolution for disposal of un needed, obsolete, or unfit personal property according to Ohio Revised Code Section 307.12 and provided the commissioners information as to the property.

The commissioners entered into executive session with Sheriff Matthew D. Champlin, Chief Deputy Troy Johnson, Sheriff Administrator Heather Casto, and County Administrator Melissa Clark to consider employment of public employees, no action taken.

Sherry Daines, 911/EMA/LEPC Director, presented the first quarter update, including calls logged for service/information in the 911 system; conducted interviews to replenish the part-time staff; completed required EMO (Emergency Medical Dispatch) training for the previous hires; and completed and passed the annual Haz-Mat Exercise.

Daines submitted a part-time hires request for Richard “RJ ” Huffman, (hire date of April 23), Landen Faught, (hire date of April 24), Donovan Nate Yongue, (hire date of April 25). New hires serve a one-year probationary period with an initial training period of ninety days or less to determine eligibility to continue with the training program and/or actual dispatch work. Commissioners approved a motion to approve the part-time hires based on the recommendation of Director Daines.

Staff Report