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A proclamation to honor Molly R. Plymale, pictured, for her work as the interim county auditor was presented by the commissioners — Harold Montgomery, Q. Jay Stapleton and M. Eugene Greene.

A proclamation to honor Molly R. Plymale, pictured, for her work as the interim county auditor was presented by the commissioners — Harold Montgomery, Q. Jay Stapleton and M. Eugene Greene.

Gallia County Board of Commissioners | Courtesy

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Commission recently approved the March 17 meeting minutes, honoring Molly Plymale.

Commissioners Harold Montgomery, Jay Stapleton and Eugene Greene were in attendance.

Commissioners approved a proclamation honoring Molly R. Plymale for her dedicated serviced to the community.

“The Gallia County Board of Commissioners wish to honor Mollye R. Plymale for her services to Gallia County and for serving as acting officer for Gallia County Auditor after the passing of Larry M. Betz,” the proclamation read. “Mollye R. Plymale has rendered a career of distinguished service to Gallia County, demonstrating the highest standards of integrity and professionalism; and WHEREAS, Mollye R. Plymale’s service as acting officer for Gallia County Auditor contributed greatly to ensuring essential services for Gallia County, and her service was accomplished in a selfless manner while providing leadership during a difficult time.”

Commissioners also signed a proclamation for National Agriculture Week — March 20-26.

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Jake Bodimer and Gary Truance were in attendance requesting the approval.

The proclamation read, “American agriculture is the foundation of our country. It’s the backbone of a healthy and prosperous nation, made possible by the hard work of America’s farms and farm families. However, the average American is now at least three generations removed from the farm. In fact, farm and ranch families make up less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, resulting in disconnect between food and fiber and the people whose hard work, dedication, and passion bring us all to the table. Not only does American agriculture produce food , fiber, and renewable resource products, but agriculture is essential to maintaining a strong economy, and is dedicated to ensuring Americans have access to safe, abundant, and affordable products. When you factor in all the jobs involved in processing, distributing and marketing food and fiber products, you see that American agriculture is truly everywhere and touches everyone in almost every way. Each American farmer feeds more than 165 people .. . a dramatic increase from 25 people in the 1960s. Quite simply, American agriculture is doing more – and doing it better. As the world population soars, there is an even greater demand for the food and fiber produced in the United States. Now, therefore, we, the Gallia County Commissioners, by virtue of the authority vested in us, do hereby proclaim March 20-26, 2022 as National Agriculture Week. We call upon citizens to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of all those who, working together, produce an abundance of agricultural products that strengthen and enrich our community and our nation.”

Commissioners approved a travel request where they will head to Jackson, Ohio on March 18 for the Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission.

The weekly Canine Shelter report for the week ending on March 13, has six animals coming in, two animals adopted and one animal reclaimed for a total of three animals out, 26 animals remaining in the shelter, one animal going out to foster and five remaining in foster care.

County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the payment resolution number 10 for the Gallia County Jail,Project to Granger Construction Company for a total of $511, 951.60. The board approved the payment.

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners Annette Brown presented a Ash Sales Agreement Between Buyer and Seller on behalf of the county engineer. Commissioners approved the agreement.

Clark gave an economic development update, discussing “pursing lead generation services to further enhance economic development.” with a proposal to consider. No action was taken.

A 2022 general road work and dust control contract from O.O. McIntyre Park District was submitted. Commissioners approved the contract.

Sheriff Administrator Heather Casto submitted a resolution prepared by the Assistant Prosecutor Randy Dupree to increase the sheriff cruiser fees to $15 per hour, “to keep up with increasing cost.”

Commissioners approved the resolution.

Karen Sprague, grants administrator, presented the Change Order number two paperwork for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for the Gallia County Board of Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) school roof replacement project with Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal Co.

The order is as follows:

Material pricing increases from order date to delivery date:

• Delivered material pricing $82,442.73

• Quoted material pricing -$61 ,622.52

• Material Price Increase $20,820.21

Contract amount adjustments as follows:

• Original contract price= $219.347.00

• Change order #1 = $5,908.00

• Change order #2 = $20,820.21

• New contract total = $246,075.21

• No change in contract time: completion date remains April 30, 2022.

“BOT Architect Jim Thomas & GCDD Supt. Melinda Kingery are both in agreement with this change order, noting the county”s CDBG Target of Opportunity Grant will cover half the cost & GCDD will cover the other half.”

Commissioners approved the order.

Sprague also presented the Fiscal Year 2022-2032 Ten Year Airport Capital Improvement Program Package with Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Fiscal Year 2022-2026, on behalf of the Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport Consultants Delta Airports Consultants.

The minutes noted, “Sprague advised that Delta Airport Consultants noted that this is a wish list and the Federal and State funding is not certain.”

The grant application was approved as presented.

Details of the grant and the “wish list” can be found on the commissioners web page.

Sprague presented a status report for Sept. 1 2021 through March 15, 2022 for the county’s fiscal year 2021 CDBG Critical Infrastructure Grant and the Community Development Grant.

“Sprague advised that on 3/16/2022 ODOD approved the County’s Environmental Review process and released the project grant funds so the project could proceed to bid. Ms. Sprague also noted that DLZ is working on finalizing the bid documents,” the minutes read.”

Commission approved the status report, and submitted to Ohio Department of Development.

Tommy Dillon, sewer superintendent, met with the commission to “discuss aging department vehicles and request to purchase a new truck with equipment of hydraulic lift and utility bed.”

A recent quote Dillon received for just the bed and lift was in the amount of $26,000.

A motion to proceed with the procurement of the new sewer truck and hydraulic lift with intent to utilize ARPA funds for purchase was moved and approved.

Dillon also discusses two quotes for sewer service pumps to serve Heatley Rd and SR 850 pump stations. The quotes were for $14,264 and $20,068.67. Dillon recommended the quote from Service Pump and Supply which was $14,264 and a motion was made to purchase two sewer pumps with intent to utilize American Resuce Plan Act funds for the purchase. The motion was approved.

Sprague asked permission to submit a grant extension request to the Ohio Department of Development Office of Community Development for the 2019 RPIG Grant.

“The purpose of the 2019 RPIG Grant Amendment #1 is to request a 12-month extension for grant completion from March 31 , 2022 to March 31 , 2023. Reason for the extension request is COVID-19 material & staffing delays of the project contractor,” the minutes noted. The request was approved.

Gallia County Agriculture Society/Fair Board members Fred Deel, Kent Shawver, Ronnie Slone, Ginger Thompson and Brent Eastman met with the commissioners to discuss the need to move the fairgrounds.

Presented to the commissioners was a list of what the board has done, how it is involved in the community and what the board would like to do.

No action was taken as the minutes noted that the commissioners would discuss the issue further to see “how they could help.”

All votes were unanimous unless otherwise noted.

Information from the Gallia County Commission minutes.

A proclamation to honor Molly R. Plymale, pictured, for her work as the interim county auditor was presented by the commissioners — Harold Montgomery, Q. Jay Stapleton and M. Eugene Greene. proclamation to honor Molly R. Plymale, pictured, for her work as the interim county auditor was presented by the commissioners — Harold Montgomery, Q. Jay Stapleton and M. Eugene Greene. Gallia County Board of Commissioners | Courtesy

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