ARPA funds benefit county

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — As the first anniversary of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) becoming law approaches, the Gallia County Commissioners are impacting the lives of residents through key investments of ARPA funds.

“With vast responsibilities to care for our most vulnerable residents, we have committed to strengthening essential services by investing in enhanced coverage and equipment for our EMS [Emergency Medical Services] and sheriff department,” said Harold Montgomery, president of the Gallia County Board of Commissioners. “To date, we have invested $620,000 for emergency services which have clear life-saving implications for our residents.”

In 2021, due to the resurgence of COVID-19, the Gallia County Commissioners acted to establish an additional EMS shift to further reduce the response time of emergency personnel. Additional investments in the EMS department included the purchase of a new 2023 Ford E350 Osage ambulance and medical equipment in the amount of $204,989. The new ambulance is expected to arrive in late 2022.

The Gallia County Sheriff Department is also a recent beneficiary of the county’s ARPA award. The Gallia County Commissioners approved the expenditure of $164,385.25 for the purchase of three 2022 Chevrolet Tahoes for the department’s patrol fleet. The new vehicles are expected to arrive in mid-2022.

The ARPA funds are distributed nationwide by the United States Treasury Department for the specific purpose of helping communities mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic. Gallia County’s total ARPA allocation of $5.8 million is divided into two payments, one of which was received last year, and the next expected in 2022. The county has until December 2024 to obligate how the funds are spent and until December 2026 to expend its allocated funds. Projects funded by Gallia County must meet the guidelines established by the federal government while addressing the County’s unique community needs.

Other projects currently under consideration include investments in 9-1-1 equipment, county departmental needs, infrastructure, and economic development.

Information submitted by the Gallia County Board of Commissioners.

Staff Report