County Commissioners approve project payments, resolutions

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Commission recently approved the minutes from the Feb. 24 commission meeting, authorizing project payments and approving resolutions.

During the commission meeting, Commissioners Harold Montgomery, Jay Stapleton and Eugene Greene were all present.

The weekly Canine Shelter report for Feb. 20 was given. Five animals came into the shelter, one animal was adopted, one animal was reclaimed and six animals went out to rescues — totaling eight animals out and leaving 22 animals remaining at the shelter and four continue to be in foster care.

County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the commission with the February Sales Tax Report and the fourth amended Certificate of Estimated Resources.

Grants Administrator Karen Sprague presented for approval, paperwork for the Environmental Review Record for the Tara Estates Sewer Replacement Project — Public Facilities Project (replace existing sewer lines and manholes), “in which a certification of determination of a categorical exclusion project could be made.”

Montgomery entertained a motion “to approve the forms as presented contingent upon no complaints being received through the local comment period ending 4 p.m. Feb. 25, 2022; further noting the RROF would not be signed and mailed to Ohio Department of Development until Feb. 28.”

The motion was made and approved by commissioners and was signed after the comment period and can be found on file in the county’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) files.

Sprague also presented Payment Resolution number eight for the Green Sewer Phase 2 project for the following:

Engineering Fees – $27,171 .94;

• Construction – $193,448.71;

• Total = $220,620.65.

Invoices to be paid as follows:

• DLZ invoice 62275 = $27, 171.94 to be paid directly to DLZ by Gallia County from USDA draw #5;

• J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. Pay Application # 6 = $193,448.71 to be paid to J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. by Gallia County from USDA draw #5.

A motion for approval was made and approved and the commissioners signed the pay application for the contractors.

Sprague also presented the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Disbursement number five for the Green Sewer Phase 2 Project for the following items:

DLZ invoice 62275 = $27,171.94

• J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. Pay Application # 6 = $193,448.71;

• Total USDA Disb Request= $220,620.65.

Commissioners moved and approved a motion to sign the disbursement as submitted.

County Engineer Brett Boothe met with the commission as a follow-up on his previous request, “Trade-in/Purchase, and questioned if the Commissioners had decided on ARPA funds for county roads and if not did they have a time line on when they would make their decision. The commissioners noted they still have request coming in to consider for ARPA funding. Also noting on February 17, 2022 Journal 54, Page 493 the Transportation Improvement District (TIO) appointments, February 17, 2022 Journal 54, Page 498 the commission approved the engineer proposal to Trade-in and Purchase after receiving the Legal opinion from the prosecutor office. Mr. Boothe also gave the commission a copy of the deed concerning the property line discussed on November 23, 2021 Journal 54 page 389 and February 3, 2022 page 478.”

No action was taken from the discussion.

Sheriff Administrator Heather Casto presented the Ohio Valley Bank Business Master Funds Transfer Agreement for approval from the commissioner and signature from commission president.

A motion was made and approved to approve the agreement and authorize Montgomery to sign.

The commission approved and signed a resolution approving participation in Region 10 Governance Structure under the OneOhio Memorandum of Understanding.

The resolution adopted said, “‘The Memorandum’, which establishes a mechanism to disburse settlement proceeds from opioid litigation into Ohio’s communities to help abate the opioid crisis, including allocations to Local Governments and Regions through a statewide Foundation; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to The Memorandum each Region shall create their own governance structure so it ensures all Local Governments have input and equitable representation regarding regional decisions including representation on the statewide Foundation Board and selection of projects to be funded from the region’s regional Share; and

WHEREAS, Regions have the responsibility to make submissions regarding the allocation of funds to projects that will equitably serve the needs of the entire Region; and

WHEREAS, it is found that the regional governance structure attached hereto has Exhibit A ensures all Local Governments in this Region have input and equitable representation regarding regional decisions under The Memorandum;

Section 4. This Resolution is hereby declared to be an emergency measure, necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health, welfare and safety. The reason for the emergency is to ensure prompt pursuit of funds to assist in abating the opioid epidemic throughout Ohio.”

The resolution was approved and signed by all three commissioners.

Commissioners also approved and appointed Montgomery as the initial Region 10 representative on the OneOhio Recovery Foundation, Inc. A resolution was signed by all three commissioners.

Ohio State University Extension Director Tracy Winters and Jeffrey Moore, educator of agriculture and natural resources, updated the commission on agency activity from December 2021 through February 2022 and presented a copy of their newsletter and upcoming activities.

Montgomery opened the following bid for the EMS-Ambulance open bid, only one received, Myers Equipment Corp. totalling $204, 989.00.

The bid was given to EMS Director Keith Wilson to review and give his recommendation. Along with commissioners and Wilson, those present were Clark and Tony Gallager, city commissioner.

Anette Brown, clerk to the board of commissioners, presented on behalf of TASC of Southeast Ohio, a contract with Horizon a Method to Procedure for approval and request for signing the contract as property owner.

A motion was made and approved to sign the contract.

Commissioners, Clark, Department of Jobs and Family Services (DJFS) Dana Glassburn, Business Administrator Kathy Campbell and Jon Stevison, RVC Architect, discuses proposals and negotiations for “DFJS- Jackson Pike/OMJ Project- Architect’s negotiations.”

The commissioners scheduled March 2 at 10 a.m. to review the proposal with no other action taken.

Sprague presented the Gallia County Junior Fair Commercial Exhibitor contract for rental of a 2022 fair booth for the counties fair housing program at $200, paid from the county’s fiscal year 2021 CBDG Community Development grant

A motion was made and approved to accept the contract as presented.

Clark said the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) priced loans and set the interest rates for refinancing of the USDA Sewer Loans Series 200A, 2000B and 2013- awaiting receipt of the official term sheets.

Clark said the term sheets would need signed and returned to the OWDA by Feb. 25 in order to meet the closing date.

A motion was made and approved to sign the sheets.

The minutes note at 1:30 p.m. Commissioners, along with Clark, and Sprauge, attended the Green Sewer 2 Construction monthly meeting on the second floor of the court house. The minutes then note at 2:15 p.m., Commissioner Stapleton “left the meeting due to illness.”

A resolution was presented, “supporting the Gallia County Coordinated Transportation Plan to be submitted to the State of Ohio Department of Transportation.”

A motion was made and approved by Greene and Montgomery.

The minutes also noted Montgomery, Greene and Clark attended the “Land Bank” meeting at 2:30 p.m. with the Gallia County Land Reutilization Corporation in the commissioners’ office.

All votes are unanimous, unless otherwise noted.

Information from Gallia County Commission approved minutes.

Staff Report