Gallia Commissioners reach out to Mason on ‘Nucor’

Approve minutes from recent meetings

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS —The Gallia County Board of Commissioners recently approved the minutes from both the Jan. 20 and Jan. 27 commission meetings, with several business items on the agendas, including approving a correspondence with Mason County Commissioners regarding the recent Nucor Corporation announcement.

Commissioners in attendance for both meetings were Harold Montgomery, Jay Stapleton and Eugene Greene.

From Jan. 20 minutes:

Commissioners approved a congratulatory letter of support for the commissioners in Mason County, West Virginia on the recent announcement of the $2.7 billion investment by Nucor in the county; noting the “‘win’ for your community as a ‘win’ for our entire region.”

It was noted that County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the January Sales Tax report and the Second Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources.

A letter to Ohio Valley Bank, notifying them of the appointment of Robert J. Jacks as auditor, granting permission for him to sign on behalf of the Gallia County auditor was approved.

Gallia Meigs Action Agency Grants Administrator Karen Sprague “advised” commissioners that the Ohio Department of Development requested the grant agreements for the fiscal year 2021 WWIP Grant Program fro the Tara Estates Sewer Replacement Project and the Cheshire DD WWTP Improvement Project that was funded with Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds be “resigned to to the Gallia County DUNS number expiration date changed prior to the ODOD signing into grant agreements.” It was noted the DUNS number new expiration date was updated on the grant agreement to Jan. 6, 2023.

A motion was made and passed to approve the request and sign the grants as presented by Sprague.

Gallia County Jobs and Family Services Director Dana Glassburn presented an amendment to the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessments to the Greater Ohio Workforce Board Inc. subgrant agreement.

The amendmentadded a list to detail the “scope of work” for the program.

Commissioners approved and signed the amendment to the subgrant as presented.

County Engineer Brett Boothe and Assistant Engineer Kyle Mooney met with commissioners to discuss the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds potentially to be used for county roads.

Boothe discussed upgrading stone roads to prime and single chip seal, eliminating dust with a total project cost of $2,902,132.

Boothe referenced a projected loss of $986,391 of gas tax revenue due to COVID-19. Montgomery noted an “actual increase” of the gas tax revenue annually, “specifically citing an increase of $1.3 million in 2021 compared to 2018 (pre-pandemic).”

A reference to the U.S. Department of Treasury Final rule: “Recipients may elect a ‘standard allowance’ of $10 million to spend on government services through the period of performance,” was made by Boothe. Montgomery stated the commission was aware of the newly released rule from the treasury.

Montgomery noted that, to date, there were an additional 15 potential projects seeking money from the recovery funds and the proposal will be taken into consideration. No action was taken.

Boothe presented the 2021 County Highway System Mileage Certification reading,

“The total length of county maintained public roads in Gallia County was 453. 567 miles as of December 31, 2020, as certified by the Board of County Commissioners and/or reported by the Director of Transportation in accordance with the provisions specified in Section 4501.04 of the Ohio Revised Code. Consider all mileage changes that occurred in CY 2021 and determine the net increase or decrease in mileage. Add the net change to the 2020 certified mileage above and fill in new total below. We the undersigned, hereby certify that as of December 31, 2021, the county was responsible for maintaining 453.567 miles of public roads.”

Commissioners motioned and approved the certification.

Sewer Superintendent Tommy Dillon presented the commissioners with a quote from Aulick Chemical Solutions to “help with order control and preventative maintenance for lift station two and three in Green Sewer One.” Commission agreed to use the system on a trial basis.

Clerk to Board of Commissioners, Annette L. Brown, noted the probation periods for sewer maintenance worker Jerry Brammer expired Jan. 23. A motion to permanently appoint Brammer with a fifty-cent hourly increase effective Jan. 24 was approved.

911/EMA Director Sherry Daines reported no equipment issues during an update for the 2021 fourth quarter to to the commissioners.

Clark advised the commissioners that the patrol vehicles bid for the sheriff department received on Jan. 13 was reviewed and approved — meeting all specifications — by Chief Deputy Troy Johnson.

A motion of the bid for Sheriff Department Patrol Vehicles be awarded to Tim Lally Chevrolet in the amount not to exceed $164,385.25 (including vehicle delivery fee), contingent upon vehicle delivery, was approved.

A motion was made to authorize Montgomery to sign bid documents for the patrol vehicles upon completion.

Clark presented estimated loan terms from the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) for the refinancing of United States Department of Agriculture Loans Series 2000A, 2000B and 2013. “After review of the estimated loan terms, Michael Burns, Managing Director Ohio Public Finance, recommended Gallia County proceed with loan refinancing.” A motion was made and approved, granting Clark permission to notify OWDA Gallia County “intent to proceed with refinance.”

From Jan. 27 minutes:

The canine report for the week ending Jan. 23 was given to the commission board.

There was one dog adopted, nine out to rescues and two out to county foster; leaving the shelter with 10 total out, 11 remaining at the shelter and five in foster care.

The Gallia County Rates of Taxation for 2021 was presented by Clark.

Clark advised the board that the county is required to complete an Annual Payroll True Up report and upon completion of the 2021 report, a premium adjustment is due to BWC in the amount of $34,352; leading the commission to request the auditor to make a memo to reflect the expenditure of the funds.

“A resolution deeming the entirety of the county’s coronavirus local fiscal recovery fund payment due to the reduction in the county’s general revenue as due to the COVID-19 public health emergency during the American Rescue Plan Act’s period of performance and declaring an emergency” — with an emergency clause reading, “This Resolution is hereby declared to be an emergency measure necessary to provide for the public peace, safety, health, and welfare of the County and to provide immediate assistance needed by County residents in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.”

The resolution on the rule suspension and emergency clause passed unanimously.

Sprague presented payment resolution #7 for the Green Sewer Phase 2 Project for the following items: Legal Fees – $1 ,230.00; Engineering Fees – $20,960.57; Construction -$610,966.74; Total= $633,157.31.

Invoices are to be paid as: Bricker & Eckler invoice 796756 = $1,230.00 to be paid directly to Bricker & Eckler by Gallia County from USDA draw #4; DLZ invoice 61891 = $20,960.57 to be paid directly to DLX by Gallia County from USDA draw #4; J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. Pay Application# 5 = $610,966.74; $610,966.74 to be paid to J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. by Gallia County from USDA draw #4.

A motion to approve payment was made and approved.

Sprague also presented the United States Department of Agriculture Disbursement #4 for the same project as: Bricker & Eckler invoice 796756 = $1 ,230.00; DLZ invoice 61891 = $20,960.57; J&H Reinforcing & Structural Erectors Inc. Pay Application# 5 = $610,966.74; Total USDA Disb Request= $633,157.31.

The disbursement was approved and submitted.

EMS Director Keith Wilson presented the ambulance bid specifications to be approved by the commission and requested to move forward in the bidding process. A motion was made and approved to move forward.

Clark presented the commission with Change order #3 in the amount of $13,930 for the Gallia County Jail Project. The minutes read that, “It was noted the change order has been approved and signed by Jamie Brundrett, Contractor Granger Construction and Greg Galieti, Project Architect/ Engineer DLZ. The change order addresses RFI 010 to required waterproofing material for basement walls and elevator.”

Payment Resolution #8 totaling $640,667.70 to Granger Construction Company was presented by Clark and recommended to approve by DLZ Director and Architecture Greg Galieti.

A resolution was made and passed.

Paperwork was presented by Sprague to approve the Environmental Review Record certification of exempt project for the Tara Estates Sewer Replacement Project- professional services (engineering fees).

Commissioners next meet at 9 a.m. today (Feb. 10) at the Gallia County Courthouse.

Information from minutes posted on the Gallia County Commissioners website.

All votes are unanimous unless otherwise noted.

Approve minutes from recent meetings

Staff Report