County Engineer proposes paving stone roads

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GALLIPOLIS — Gallia County Engineer Brett Boothe has been making the case to fund paving of Gallia’s 134.2-miles of stone roads.

Boothe gave a presentation to the Gallia County Board of Commissioners last month during a commission meeting and joined Gallia Chamber of Commerce Director Josh Wellington via the Chamber’s podcast to promote the venture.

According to the presentation letter delivered by Boothe to the Commissioners, in Gallia County, that 134.2 miles of stone falls on 67 total roads, representing 41 percent of all county roads.

“After further review of the Department of Treasury guidance, it appears the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds may be used on roads,” Boothe stated in his letter to Commissioners. “With the help of ARPA funds upgrading our stone roads is now achievable. In my nearly 14 years as Gallia County Engineer, this is the first time such an opportunity has presented itself to upgrade stone roads.”

Boothe further stated, in this plan, the Gallia County Engineer will not be using existing paving funds and will not be using grants currently used for the county paving program.

The funding proposal breaks down as follows:

Total project cost: $2,902,132;

Funding Sources: Lost Revenue (2020-21 )ARPA: $986,391;

Additional Funds (ARPA): $513,609;

County Road and Bridge five-year loan: $1,402,132.

Boothe stated if approved by the Commissioners, as county engineer, he was willing to commit to financing $1,402,132 over five years, provided the Commissioners are willing to eliminate stone County roads by the following:

– Reimbursing $986,391 of lost road and bridge revenue from COVID and ARPA funds.

– Committing an additional $513,609 in additional ARPA funds.

– Approve the Gallia County Engineer to seek a five-year loan of the remaining $1,402,132 for the sole purpose of upgrading stone roads and to be paid by the Gallia County Engineer’s Office.

“I am fully committed to upgrading all 134.2 miles of our stone roads but need your assistance,” Boothe stated via his presentation to Commissioners. “As Gallia County Commissioners, with the roughly $5.8 million ARPA funds available to Gallia County, you have the means and opportunity to help make our stone roads a priority.”

Listing of Gallia’s 67 stone roads, in alphabetical order, with miles and width (in feet) also noted below:

Adney Road, 1.4 miles, 18 feet; Andrews Road, 1.4 miles, 17 feet; Boggs Road, 3.8 miles, 19 feet; Brumfield Road, 2 miles, 16 feet; Burnette Road, 2.1 miles, 16 feet; C.H.&D. Road, 1.7 miles, 16 feet; Carter Road, 1.5 miles, 16 feet; Clark Chapel Road, 1.9 miles, 16 feet; Clay Chapel Road, 2.4 miles, 18 feet; Coal Valley Road, 4.3 miles, 18 feet; Dan Jones Road, 2 miles, 16 feet; Drakes Fork Road, 1.3 miles, 14 feet; Dry Ridge Road, 1.5 miles, 14 feet; Fairview Road, 1.4 miles, 19 feet; Garland Creek Road, 2.7 miles, 15 feet; George Road, .3 mile, 18 feet; German Hollow Road, 1.1 miles, 16 feet; German Ridge Road, 3 miles, 15 feet; Good Hope Road, 2.7 miles, 12 feet; John’s Creek Road, 3.6 miles, 16 feet; Jones Road, 2.2 miles, 15 feet; Keels Road, 1.7 miles, 15 feet; Kemper Hollow Road, 1.2 miles, 17 feet; Keystone Road, 3 miles, 19 feet; Kokeen Road, 2.8 miles, 16 feet; Lincoln Pike, 2.9 miles, 17 feet; Little Kyger Road, 1.3 miles, 18 feet; Mercerville Road, 1.1 miles, 16 feet; Mount Carmel Road, 2.2 miles, 17 feet; Mount Olive Road, 1.7 miles, 18 feet; Mount Tabor Road, 1.9 miles, 17 feet; Mount Zion Road, 2 miles, 15 feet; Mud Creek Road, 2.1 miles, 15 feet; Niday Road, 1.1 miles, 17 feet; Peters Cave Road, 2.5 miles, 17 feet; Poke Patch Road, 2.5 miles, 16 feet; Poplar Ridge Road, 4.2 miles, 19 feet; Possum Trot Road, .9 mile, 16 feet; Pumpkintown Road, 2.7 miles, 14 feet; Pyles Road, 2 miles, 15 feet; Ramblewood Drive, 1.2 miles, 16 feet; Rhappsburg Road, 2 miles, 18 feet; Rock Lock Road, 1.4 miles, 14 feet.

Rocky Ford Road, 5.5 miles, 18 feet; Roush Hollow Road, 1.3 miles, 17 feet; Saundersville Road, .7 mile, 18 feet; Scott School Road, 1.5 miles, 8 feet; Shaffer Road, 2.4 miles, 17 feet; Sowards Ridge Road, 2.2 miles, 19 feet; Summitt Road, 1 mile, 17 feet; Symmes Creek Road, 7.7 miles, 15 feet; Thompson Road, 1.9 miles, 17 feet; Tick Ridge Road, 1.4 miles, 18 feet; Up Creek Road, .6 mile, 15 feet; Vanzant Road, .8 mile, 16 feet; Wagoner Road, 1.1 mile, 15 feet; Ward Road, .9 mile, 16 feet; Wells Run, 2.1 miles, 15 feet; Wheaton Road, 1.7 miles, 15 feet; White Hollow Road, 2.1 miles, 15 feet; White Oak Road, 1.8 miles, 15 feet; White Road, 1.9 miles, 16 feet; Wildwood Road, 1.2 miles, 14 feet; Williams Creek Road, 1.3 miles, 16 feet; Wolf Run Road, .3 mile, 15 feet; Woods Mill Road, 1.9 miles, 19 feet; Woodside Road, 2.2 miles, 14 feet.

Total miles: 134.2

Average Width (in feet): 16.26.

“From an economic development standpoint, hard surface roads make property more marketable,” Boothe stated via his letter to Commissioners. “Gallia County’s population has decreased over the last 20 years and the average age of population in the county continues to increase which is another reason why we should be investing in infrastructure and our residents in Gallia County.”

Beth Sergent contributed to this story.

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