County Commissioners make Board appointments

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Commission has appointed and designated representatives for boards across Gallia County for 2022.

The following people will represent the commission for the mentioned board:

Ariel Board of Directors: M. Eugene Greene;

Board of Revisions: Q. Jay Stapleton;

Broadband Committee: Harold G. Montgomery;

Canine Management Committee (BOC Vice President): M. Eugene Greene;

Community Action Agency: All; Alternate (in order): Melissa Clark, Anette Brown and/or Kim Elliott;

Community Improvement Corporation (CIC): Harold G. Montgomery;

Data Processing (BOC President): Harold G. Montgomery;

SR 35 Corridor: Harold G. Montgomery;

Exotic Animals: Q. Jay Stapleton;

Family & Children First Council “FCFC”: Q. Jay Stapleton;

Family Svcs Planning Committee (BOC President & FCFC): Harold G. Montgomery and Q. Jay Stapleton;

Gallipolis in Bloom: M. Eugene Greene;

GJMV Solid Waste Management District: All;

Health Dept. – Advisory Council (BOC President): Harold G. Montgomery;

Infrastructure Committee: M. Eugene Greene;

Keep Gallia Beautiful: Harold G. Montgomery;

Local Emergency Planning Committee: M. Eugene Greene;

Local Corrections Planning Board: Q. Jay Stapleton;

Ohio Public Works Commission Integrating Committee: Harold G. Montgomery;

Our House Museum: M. Eugene Greene;

Ohio Valley Resource Conservation & Development: M. Eugene Greene;

OVRDC Full & Executive: Harold G. Montgomery;

Planning Commission: M. Eugene Greene;

Records Commission: Harold G. Montgomery;

Renewable Energy Committee (2): Harold G. Montgomery and Q. Jay Stapleton;

Security Committee: Q. Jay Stapleton;

Sewer Committee (Health Dept.): M. Eugene Greene;

SOACDF Tobacco Board: Harold G. Montgomery;

Solid Waste Mgmt. District: All;

Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC): All;

Threat Risk Assessment: M. Eugene Greene;

TID: Harold G. Montgomery.

Information from the Gallia County Board of Commissioners.

Staff Report