County Commissioners approve agenda items

Staff report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Board of Commissioners recently approved the minutes from the Jan. 6 commission meeting.

Commissioners Harold Montgomery, Jay Stapleton and Eugene Greene were present for the meeting.

The Canine Shelter report was given for the week ending on Jan. 2.

The report showed six animals coming into the shelter, five animals being adopted, two animals reclaimed and one animal euthanized — with a total of eight animals out, four animals in foster care and 20 animals remaining at the shelter.

The Gallia County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the Dec. 2021 financial reports to the commission, comparing them with the December 2020 financial reports. The review showed:

Jan. 1, 2020 beginning cash balance was $1,407,189.99

Jan. 1, 2021 beginning cash balance was $2,676,785.01 with a difference of $1,269,595.02

Dec. 31, 2020 ending cash balance was $2,676,785.01

Dec. 31, 2021 ending cash balance was $2,708,800.25 with a difference of $32,015.24

Noting, 23rd & Final Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources

The final year end appropriation resolution for all county funds, provided by the Gallia County auditor, for the 2021 fiscal year was presented by Clark.

The minutes noted, “The Commission must adopt this report as the County’s Final 2021 Year End Appropriation Resolution. Adopting this document will reduce the cost of the County’s audit and the audit will be able to be completed faster since the State Auditors can start with this final year-end report versus taking the beginning of year appropriation resolution and then having to research all the transfers and supplemental appropriations from the Commissioners Journal.”

The appropriation totals were:

General Fund: Appropriations= $12,226,716.94

Special Revenue Funds: Appropriations= $93,440,379.60

Grand Total All Funds: Appropriations= $105,667,096.54

Greene made the motion to approve and sign the resolution as presented with a second from Stapleton, passing the motion 3-0.

It was noted on the minutes the document is on file with the county administrators’s 2021 budgetary files.

Along with the 2021 appropriation resolution, Clark presented the “amended annual appropriation resolution for fiscal year 2022” beginning Jan. 1, 2022 and ending Dec. 31, 2022 to the commission.

Appropriation totals are as follows:

General Fund: Appropriations= $11,459,820.86 Encumbrances= $177,565.15

Special Revenue Funds: Appropriations = $ 49,520,741.32 Encumbrances= $158,154.04 Balances Carried Forward = $9,513,478.61

Grand Total All Funds: Appropriations = $60,980,562.18 Encumbrances =$335,719.19

Balances Carried Forward = $9,513,478.61

Stapleton motioned to accept and sign the resolution with a second from Greene, passing 3-0.

Clark presented proposed dates for the 2023 budget process as follows:

Friday, July 22- Budget forms to departments

Friday, Aug. 19- Budget requests due to commissioners office

Friday, Sept. 2- Publish notice of public hearing to be held Oct. 13, 2022

Friday, Sept. 2- Publish public notice of filing tax budget in Auditors Office on Thursday, Sept. 30

Friday, Sept. 30- Two copies of tax budget must be filed with county auditor’s office

Thursday, Oct. 13- Public hearing – tax budget; tax budget adopted by Commissioners (no later than Oct. 15); Tax Budgets submitted to auditor (no later than Oct. 15)

Thursday, Nov 3- Estimated date budget commission meets

Thursday, Dec. 1- County commission must pass resolution authorizing the necessary tax levies as calculated by the county auditor

Thursday, Dec. 22- Adopt 2023 Appropriation Resolution

Wednesday, Jan 4- On or about Jan. 1, the county auditor must certify the total amount available from all sources from each fund established in the tax budget. The Budget Commission then revises its estimate of the amounts and certifies an amended official certificate to the county commissioners.

A letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with an opening statement that reads, “In response to your November 18, 2021 email requesting the Gallia County Commissioners, Airport Sponsor of the Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport, provide the FAA a written response to allegations that the Airport Sponsor is in violation of their Federal Grant Obligations as it relates to the operation of the Airport;” and responding to allegations the commission deems false, was approved and signed by commissioners.

A motion was made and passed to approved comp time to three employees who were unable to use their time “without creating a hardship for their department” in 2021.

Sheriff Administrator Heather Casto, submitted an agreement between the sheriff of Gallia County and the Gallia, Jackson, Meigs and Vinton Joint Solid Waste Management District for approval. The agreement was approved and signed as presented.

The final performance report for the period of Sept. 1, 2018 through Dec. 31, 2021 for the county’s fiscal year 20218 CDBG/HOME/OHTF CHIP Grant which is to be submitted to the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) was presented by the Gallia County Grants Administrator Karen Sprague.

Sprague noted the HOME grant agreement required that all HOME funds be expended, therefore the County will be in non-compliance with that requirement when this grant is monitored by ODOD.

The commission approved the final report as submitted.

Montgomery was designated the official representative and alternate for the “purpose of voting at the annual meeting of the county commissioners association of Ohio in 2022.”

Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS) Director Dana Glassburn presented an amendment to the purchase of services subgrant, extending the subgrant until June 30, 2022. The commission approved the amendment.

A resolution authorizing the county engineer to repair, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads, bridges and culverts by force account pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code was approved by commissioners.

Assistant County Engineer Kyle Mooney presented a resolution that provides, “the Board of County Commissioners, the authority to control the installation and placement of any public utilities within the dedicated public right-of-ways of all County maintained highways; and, WHEREAS, the Ohio Revised Code Sections 5589 and 5543 provides to the Board of County Commissioners, the authority to control any digging and excavating on or along a County maintained highway and for the placement of a private driveway approach to a County maintained highway; and, WHEREAS, the Ohio Revised Code Section 4513.34 provides to the Board of County Commissioners, the authority to permit oversize and overweight vehicles using County maintained highways; and, WHEREAS, Ohio Revised Code Sections 5547 03 and 5547.04 authorize the Board of Commissioners to approve requests by private parties to construct improvements or place utilities within the bounds of a county highway.”

The board approved and signed the motion.

Information from The Gallia County Board of Commissioners office.

Staff report