Commission discusses budget appropriations

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — Minutes from the Oct. 14 Gallia County Commission meeting were recently approved and included discussion on the county’s budget appropriations and approval of other agenda items.

Commissioners Harold Montgomery, Eugene Greene and Jay Stapleton were in attendance according to the minutes.

The commission held a public hearing for the 2022 alternative tax budget. The commission were to review, adopt changes and submit to the county auditor’s by Oct. 15.

It was noted that commissioners would review the fiscal year 2022 alternative tax budget and make changes to the general fund as the appropriations noted based on estimated receipts. It was also noted carry-over general funds were not to be used for fixed costs but one-time costs such as emergencies, one-time purchases or infrastructure upgrades and that county’s are mandated by the state auditor to carry over two months of operating expenses.

Based on fiscal year 2022 anticipated revenue, appropriation requests will have a reduction for department requests by approximately $3.2 million.

Travel requests for all three commissioners to attend a meeting with Gallia Jackson Meigs Vinton Solid Waste Management District in Wellston on Oct. 14; Dana Glassburn to attend a meeting with Ohio Job and Family Services Directors’ Association in Columbus on Oct. 14 and for Glassburn to attend a district meeting in Jackson on Oct. 27.

A canine shelter report was given, citing seven animals were brought in, four were adopted, eight were sent out to rescues and three are in foster homes; making a total of 12 animals out and 27 remaining at the shelter.

County Administrator Melissa Clark presented the financial report for the 19th Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources. Clark also presented the Sept. 2021 Explosive Gas Monitoring report from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, stating all inspection categories complied at the Gallia County Landfill.

A motion was approved to a form approving disbursements for a local government authority payment for an Ohio Water Development Authority loan for the Green Township Sewer Phase 2 project, be paid via direct deposit directly to the contractor.

Prosecutor Jason Holdren and Regina Brown discussed the Furtherance of Justice (FOJ) Fund and office space with the commissioners. Holdren said a $10,000 check from the FOJ fund would be received and paid to the commissioners. Holdren requested the money be appropriated into the prosecutor general fund for part-time salaries to finish out 2021. The commissioners agreed to this action.

Holdren asked about the addition of a doorway for storage as part of the prosecutor’s office and the possibility of using the second floor office, recently used by the auditor’s office for storage. Montgomery said as long as no construction was done on the office, he agreed. Holdren agreed to look into the options and meet back with commissioners.

Sheriff Administer Heather Casto asked the commissioners to accept a health incentive form that was past the deadline for submission. Annette Brown, clerk to Board of Commissioners and administer of health incentives, said she followed the 2021 Health Incentive Resolution approved by the commission in Dec. 2020.

Montgomery motioned to accept the 2021 health incentive request forms for submission and allow payment, including prorated amounts less than three months for 2021. Greene said he would agree this year, but not in following years for repeat offenders that fail to inform department employees of the incentive due dates. The motion passed.

An updated HazMat Plan for 2021 was presented by 911 EMA LEPC Director Sherry Daines. Commissioners approved the plan.

The third quarter investment report was presented by Gallia County Treasurer/Chair of Investment Committee Steve McGhee for review. The report was reviewed and approved by the commission and is currently on file in both the Commissioner’s and Treasurer’s office for review.

Treasurer Steve McGhee and City Commissioner Tony Gallagher were also in attendance to the public hearing.

Staff Report