Early voting begins Tuesday in Gallia Co.

By Brittany Hively - bhively@aimmediamidwest.com

GALLIPOLIS — The polls will open for early voting in Gallia County on Tuesday, Oct. 5. for the general election set for Nov. 2.

With polls opening, the Gallia County Board of Elections will remain open until 9 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 4 as it is the last day to register for this election, Chris Burnett, director of Board of Elections said.

“Early voting can take place either here in our office, second floor of the courthouse, you can vote in-person or you can submit an application and receive a ballot by mail,” Burnett said.

Those who wish to receive a ballot by mail can call the Board of Elections off or can request them online, Burnett said.

“That’s a secure way to vote but it’s proven that in Ohio that there’s very low voter fraud overall, especially with mail-in ballots,” Burnett said. “There’s a way that we track so that we know only one ballot for one person…there are identification requirements on those, birthday, their social security number, driver’s license number and signature match. So, there are several things that go through to verify identification.”

Burnett said there is also a dropbox outside of the courthouse for ballots, applications and voter registration forms.

The following are Gallia candidates and issues on the ballot:

Ann Daniels, Denise R. Karr and Robert Terry are running for Centerville Village Council. Albert J. Gallagher, R. William Jenkins and William B. Thomas are running for Gallipolis Commission. Cory Camden, Annette P. Ward and Amy R. Wilson are running for Rio Grande Village Council. Jennifer A. Easter is running for Rio Grande Board of Public Affairs. Karen A. Patterson is running for Vinton Village Council. Fred F. Burnett and Tony Hughes are write-ins for Addison TWP Trustee. Mike Conkle and James D. Taylor are running for Cheshire TWO Trustee. David G. Kerns, Travis Mooney and Brady L Sawin are running for Clay TWP Trustee. Harry Dean Brownell, Carroll Ronnie Carmichael and Lloyd E. Danner are running for Gallipolis TWP Trustee. Helenlu Morgan is seeking to be the Gallipolis TWP fiscal officer.

Lonnie Boggs and Joseph Graham (write-in) are running for Green TWP Trustee positions with terms ending in 2022 and Clarke M Saunders is running for a position ending in 2023. John H. Cardwell and Jeff Fowler are running for Guyan TWP Trustee. Margaret M. Adkins and Bobby Angel are running for Harrison TWP Trustee. Huntington TWP Trustee candidates are Jeff Oiler, Roger Shadwick and Gary W. Truance. The Morgan TWP Trustee candidates are Jeff Ferrell, John Manley, Richard G. Shaddeau Sr. and Brett Unroe and the fiscal officer position is being sought by Laura Yost.

Mike Daines and James E. Waugh are running for Ohio TWP Trustee. Mark Hager and Jeffrey A. Pope are running for Perry TWP Trustee. Matthew Roberts and Ronald K. White are running for Raccoon TWP Trustee. Scott L. Howell and Vaughn Taylor are seeking positions in the Springfield TWP Trustee. Richard L. Ingles, Steven Glen Owens and Nicholas Tabor are seeking positions in the Walnut TWP Trustee.

The following candidates are running for school board positions across the county: Martin Appleton, Jeff Bennett and Gary Sowards are running for Fairland. Lynn Angell and Alex Saunders are running for Gallipolis. Jeffery A. Halley, Brent A Schultz, Brandon Twyman and Paula E. Whitt are running for Gallia Local. Steven D. Brown, Uriah Cade, Tammie L. Myers, Josh Saunders and Derek L. Wilson for Symmes Valley. Phyllis J. Fowler is seeking the position for Gallia-Vinton board district #4. Ernestine E. Smith is seeking the position for Gallia-Vinton board district #6. The Lawrence Governors Board candidates are Phil Carpenter, Ray Malone and Carla Salyer.

Upcoming issues and levies are:

Gallia residents will vote on the replacement levy for expenses of health district. The City of Gallipolis will be asked to vote to amend section 9 of the Gallipolis City Charter. The Clay Township will be asked to vote for a renewal levy for fire. Greenfield Township will be asked to vote for the replacement levy for fire. The Perry Township will be asked to vote for a renewal levy for fire. Lawrence County Joint Vocational School District will be asked to vote on a renewal levy for improvements. The Gallipolis Township will be asked to vote on local liquor option and Sunday sales.

Burnette said county voters can visit voteohio.org for election information.

The last day of early voting is Monday, Nov. 1 and Election Day is Nov. 2 with polls opening at 6:30 a.m.

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By Brittany Hively


Brittany Hively is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Follow her on Twitter @bhively1 or reach her at (740) 444-4303 ext 2555.

Brittany Hively is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Follow her on Twitter @bhively1 or reach her at (740) 444-4303 ext 2555.