For the Record

Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office

On July 15, Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James K. Stanley traveled to the Scioto County Courthouse in Portsmouth, Ohio to argue before the Ohio Fourth District Court of Appeals in State v. Sean Mitchell.

According to a release from Stanley, in 2013, Mitchell was convicted of Aggravated Robbery, Robbery, Kidnapping, and Theft for an incident that occurred at a local bank in 2009. From late 2009 through June 2013, Mitchell was incarcerated in Mississippi. In March 2019, Mitchell filed a Motion to Vacate or Set Aside Judgment with the Meigs County Court of Common Pleas. After hearing argument, Judge Linda R. Warner denied that motion in June 2020.

Mitchell appealed and argued that the trial court committed error by not dismissing the case because his constitutional rights under the Extradition Clause of the United States Constitution and his speedy trial rights under Ohio law were violated.

“Stanley argued that Mitchell was not afforded any rights under the Extradition Clause of the United States Constitution as the right to extradite was Ohio’s right, not Mitchell’s right. Stanley further argued that to the extent the Extradition Clause did afford Mitchell rights, Mississippi, not Ohio, would have been the State to have violated those rights. Mississippi is one of only two states in the country who is not a member of the Interstate Agreement on Detainers, and as such, has no obligation to return a fugitive to a requesting state, and likewise, the requesting state has no authority to compel Mississippi to extradite the fugitive. Ohio filed all the appropriate paperwork to extradite Mitchell in a timely manner, however, Mississippi did not cooperate for nearly four years. Stanley argued that speedy trial time did not begin to run until Mitchell was returned to Ohio in June 2013, and since he entered a guilty plea seventy-seven days later, his statutory right to a speedy trial was not violated. Stanley requested that the Court of Appeals deny Mitchell relief and to affirm the judgment of the trial court,” stated the release.

The Court of Appeals will issue a written decision in the coming months.

Meigs County Probate Court

POMEROY — Marriage licenses were issued between April 1 and July 15, in Meigs County Probate Court, to the following couples:

Vincent Craig Demarco and Brittany Danielle Jeffers, both of Middleport;

George Scott Stout of Albany and Charlene Renee Ross of Logan;

Jeffrey Michael Mullins and Casey Renee Manley, both of Middleport;

Auston Dean Colburn of Racine and Kassandra Faith Casto of Long Bottom;

Derick Alden Powell and Cameron Nicole Brock, both of Pomeroy;

Melissa Louise Messinger and Pamela Ann Lawson, both of Reedsville;

Jordan Lane Koblentz and Hannah Michelle Hill, both of Pomeroy;

Patrick Loren Aeiker of Long Bottom and Mindey Mae Durst of Coolville;

Kenneth Anthony Bonin and April Dawn Hart, both of Pomeroy;

Tony Renea Butts Jr. of Middleport and Jessica Marie Rowley of Pomeroy;

Gary Lee Brooks and Kristy Marie Turner, both of Racine;

Benny Joseph Moyer II and Kirsten Michele Casto, both of Portland;

Ricky Delmar Wilson and Judy Fay Garrabrant, both of Pomeroy;

Kail Lee Knapp and Betty Jean Templeton, both of Racine;

Gary Wayne Gilmore and Janet Elaine Hayslip, both of Langsville;

Derek Gavin Ledford of Portland and Katelyn Nichole Hill of Pomeroy;

Dwayne Thomas Madison Jr. of Middleport and Natassia Sheeree Lee of Cheshire;

Andrew Clayton Riley and Dayanaira Marie Arnott, both of Middleport;

Zachary Joseph Coates of Middleport and Grace Elizabeth Haddox of Point Pleasant, W.Va.;

Neale George Knight of Pomeroy and Denise Gayle Sava of Middleport;

Kyle Lee Six and McKenzie Marie Ohlinger, both of Rutland;

Joshua Mark Ashley of Middleport and Amy Michelle McFarland of Mason, W.Va.;

Zachary Garrett Jose Connolly and Gracie Lynn Parker, both of Reedsville;

Gregory Jamess Johnson of Dunbar, W.Va., and Cameryn Danielle Harmon of Racine;

Ralph Joseph Caldwell and Breanna Alise Snowden, both of Middleport;

Lucas Waid Hunter and Hannah Morgan Sharp, both of Racine;

Stephen Patrick Sanders II and Jo Campbell Burdyn, both of Middleport;

Ryan Larry Mees and Delilah Levinna Fish, both of Pomeroy;

Devin Lee Erlewine and Jeanie Elizabeth Gomez, both of Langsville;

Brody Jaimz Tiler Richards and Macy Lynn Marcinko, both of Racine;

Andrew Tyler Tuttle of Cutler and Taylor Dawn Parker of Racine;

James Ray Yeauger of Pomeroy and Alisha Dawn Sinclair of Racine;

Jeffrey Allen Delng and Mary Joella Kirchner, both of Pomeroy;

Gage Michael Allen of Pomeroy and Alexus Lynn Painter of Point Pleasant, W.Va.;

William Roger Bunce of Pomeroy and Kristen Renee Mansfield of Albany;

Thomas Kirk Pullins and Alexandria Mary Elizabeth Hendrix, both of Long Bottom;

Joshua Garrett Hayman and Whitney Layne Karr, both of Racine;

Ephriam Von Herdman II of Rutland and Wendy Leanne Finley of Barboursville, W.Va.;

Troy Allen Rife and Brandi Lynn Buckland, both of Racine;

Thomas Ray Tobin of Middleport and Georgina Anne Thompson of Reedsville;

Kelsi Nicole Casto and Pamela Jean Johnson, both of Syracuse;

William Eugene Smith of Minot, N.D., and Nova Laine Watson of Pomeroy;

David Alan Ballard and Tammy Jean Hogsett, both of Albany;

Jeremiah Douglas Neil Warden and Jordan Nicole Huddleston, both of Racine;

John Willard Tillis and Sue Ann Thacker, both of Middleport.