Gallia Board of Ed. meets

Approves agenda items

Staff Report

PATRIOT — The Gallia County Local Board of Education approved agenda items during a recent meeting, including personnel, agreements and contracts.

Present during the meeting were board members Jeff Halley, Terry Halley, Beth James, Brent Schultz and Brandon Twyman.

The board approved the final appropriations and amended certificate for FY21, including advances from the general fund and amending revenue and appropriations.

Also in finance matters, the board approved the FY22 Dental Insurance with Anthem, beginning July 1 for $38.98 for a single individual and $99.39 for a family. The employee health insurance and life insurance with Anthem were also approved for FY22.

The board renewed SORSA Property and Liability Insurance Policy for an annual premium of $111,906.

The board of education authorized the treasurer to establish funds/special cost centers for the Wellness Grant of $1.2 million and Summer School for $75,000.

Funds were transferred from the South Gallia Class of 2021 to South Gallia Class of 2022 in the amount of $1,685.39.

From the superintendent’s recommendation, the board approved the contract with the Gallia Board of DD for payment of estimated costs for four substitute educational aides for the 2021-22 school year, in the estimated cost not to exceed $91,000.

The board approved an agreement for the operation of Career-Technical Programs in schools with Jeremy Peck at River Valley High School and Jason Stout at South Gallia High.

A proposal from Kramer Engineers was approved to design and help manage the bid process and construction work for the air conditioning at River Valley High and South Gallia High.

The board granted permission to South Gallia High School Girls Basketball to attend a shootout in June in Marietta.

The board approved a $2,500 retention payment for teaching staff and a $1,800 retention payment for classified employees. Board members Brent Schultz and Brandon Twyman abstained from voting on the issue. The board minutes state “This is in recognition of recruitment and retention challenges and employee efforts in light of the pandemic. This payment will be made on the 3rd October, 2021 payroll for staff employed on July 1, 2021.”

The board entered into an executive session to discuss the following: “To consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation of a public employee; To discuss personnel; Negotiations; Pending or Imminent Court Action.”

The board approved to extend the current bargaining contract through June 30, 2022 for the Gallia County Local Education Association and the Gallia County Local Support Staff Association. Board member Terry Halley was absent from the vote.

A memorandum of understanding was approved with the South Gallia Athletic Director Position.

The following were employed for summer school staff: Susan Alban – Bus driver; Trevor Baker – Teacher; Lori Bevan – Credit recovery; Brianna Bickers – Teacher; Seth Bledsoe – Sub teacher; Edie Bostic – Teacher/Literacy Coach; Nicole Bowling – Bus driver; Stephen Brown – Teacher; Stephanie Campbell – Teacher; Bridget Cox – Site Coordinator (HT, SGMS, SGHS); Angela Cremeens – Teacher; Trent Cremeens – Bus driver; Jillian Davison – Bus driver; Rebecca Dotson – Nutrition aide; Rebecca Ellis – Bus driver; Mary Farley – Teacher; Savannah Farley – Nutrition aide; Aaron Ferguson – Sub teacher; Casee George – Sub teacher; Tim Green – Sub custodian; Chloe Haney – Sub teacher; Hannah Hysell – Sub teacher; Sharon Ison – Bus driver; Sarah James – Sub teacher; Donnie Johnson – Bus driver; Betty Jones – Teacher; Selina Kemper – Sub teacher; Susan Kemper – Sub teacher; Hazel Knotts – Teacher; Peggy Latham – Teacher; Dale Lear – Sub teacher; Colby Lee – Teacher; Maggie Malone – Teacher; Leanna Martin – Teacher; Angie McCarty – Nutrition aide; Brea McClung – Teacher; Mackennah McCown – Teacher; Melissa Moles – Teacher; Lillie Mueller – Teacher; Drake Orsburn – Teacher; Jeremy Peck – Site Coordinator (RVHS); Diane Purdum – Sub teacher; Lena Rawlinson – Sub teacher; Carey Roberts – Teacher; Melissa Santos – District Supervisor; Ben Schlater – Teacher; Amy Shadle – Bus driver; Debbie Shadwick – Bus driver; Lynn Sheets – Teacher; John Sipple – Sub teacher; Tonya Snyder – Teacher; Aarika Stanley – Teacher; Justyce Stout – Teacher; Mellayne Stout – Teacher; Lexi Taylor – Teacher; Stacey Tolley – Sub teacher; Aaron Walker – Teacher; Abby Whitt – Teacher; Sherri Whitt – Teacher/Literacy Coach; Tondra Williams – Site Coordinator (RVMS); Jessica Willis – Teacher; Chandra Wolford – Bus driver; Mikayla Wroten – Teacher; Candace Yongue – Teacher; Brooke Young – Nutrition aide; Tonya Young – SEL Liaison – North Site; and Baylee Browning – Aide/Teacher.

The board accepted the following resignations: Diana Bing – Teacher, Addaville Elementary, effective end of 2020-2021 contractual year; Lily Blevins – Treasurer, effective July 31, 2021, due to retirement; Anthony Bonamase – Teacher, South Gallia High, effective June 22, 2021; Anthony Gillman – Teacher, River Valley High, effective end of 2020-2021 contractual year; John Milhoan – Substitute Teacher, effective June 1, 2021; Matt Bess – Head Jr High Cross Country Coach, South Gallia Middle, Head JV Girls Basketball Coach, South Gallia High and Head Varsity Cross Country Coach, South Gallia High; Tracey Burnette – Beta Club Jr. High, South Gallia Middle, Head Jr High Volleyball Coach – 7th Grade, South Gallia Middle, Head Jr High Volleyball Coach – 8th Grade, South Gallia Middle, and Science Fair Advisor, South Gallia High; P. Dian Fleming – Beta Club Advisor, South Gallia High; Amanda Gilbert – BLT Co-Chair, South Gallia Middle; Amanda Gilbert – Student Council Advisor, South Gallia Middle; Anthony Gillman – Associate Athletic Director, River Valley High; Anthony Gillman – Sophomore Class Advisor; Heather Howard – Tech Coordinator, Addaville Elementary; Cassandra Thompson-Chapman – Band Director, South Gallia High; and Candice Halley – Head JV Volleyball Coach, South Gallia High.

The next board of education meeting is scheduled for July 19.

Approves agenda items

Staff Report