County commissioners approve agreements, grants

Staff Report

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallia County Board of Commissioners recently approved the minutes from the June 17 regular business meeting, which included votes on agreements for various projects.

Commissioners present during the meeting included Harold Montgomery, Eugene Greene and Jay Stapleton.

County Administrator Melissa Clark presented an easement and right-of-way agreement with American Electric Power. The agreement will allow for right-of-way and easement for electric purposes for both overhead and underground. The agreement is necessary for utility relocation related to the Gallia County Jail Project. Commissioners unanimously approved the motion to sign the agreement.

Clark presented the Capital Improvement – Local Jails Projects Application to the Gallia County Commissioners for approval and signing. Application grant request is $5,500,000. The total Reimbursable Capital Costs indicated in the application totaled $20,817,777.62. Gallia County will provide project matching funds of $15,317,777.62. A motion was unanimously approved to sign the grant application.

Commissioners entered into executive session with Clark to consider the employment of a public employee. No action was taken when they returned to regular session.

Commissioner held the public hearing for the 2021 Coordinated Transportation Plan. Guests in attendance: Karen Sprague, grants administrator; Clark; Tony Gallagher, Gallipolis city commissioner. No comments or questions were received. The final draft will be sent to the Transportation Planning Committee for approval. No action was taken.

Commissioners received the following request in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code 307.66 for funds to defray the Memorial Day expenses for 2021 : Vietnam Veterans of America – Gallia County Chapter 709 in the amount of $315.37. Commissioners approved the request.

Gallia County Survivor Services Counselor Amy Sisson and Economic Development Director Elisha Orsbon were present to request authorization for application for Gallia County Survivor Services Program for FY2022 Victims of Crime (VOCA) grant. Sisson described the services provided by the program which includes trauma counseling to victims and first responders. Sisson also indicated she would apply for grant match waiver as in the past. Commissioners approved a motion to authorize Sisson to submit the application.

Sheriff Matthew D. Champlin submitted the resolution for disposal of unneeded, obsolete or unfit personal property, under Ohio Revised Code 307.12, to request approval. Commissioners approved the resolution. Items will be offered at public auction prior to being disposed of.

Commissioners entered into executive session with JFS Director Dana Glassburn to discuss personnel. Joined by Don Keller, labor attorney. No action was taken upon returning to regular session.

Glassburn and Educational Service Center-OCSE Superintendent Dr. Denise Shockley presented the commissioners the following ESC Summer Advantage Amendment #2 for approval and signing: Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services Purchase of Service Subgrant Agreement. This amendment will amend the contract between the Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services and the Educational Service Center for the purchase of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Summer Advantage activities with TANF block grant funds. Availability of funds increase the total amount of the agreement to $2,466,278.47. This is an increase in the amount of $996,278.47. This will extend the current agreement for two additional months, through Nov. 30. Commissioners approved a motion to sign the agreement.

Glassburn presented subgrant agreement between Gallia County Department of Job and Family Services and Stepstone Initiatives, LLP for TANF Stronger Person-Stronger Family. Commissioners approved a motion to sign the agreement.

Glassburn, recommended the following new hire with an effective hire date to be determined by the director upon successful completion of preliminary employment screening processes: Kristin Browning-Child Protective Services Case Manager. As a condition of employment, authorizing unpaid leave for the week of August 16, 2021 for an existing pre-paid vacation. Commissioners approved the hiring of Browning.

Clark presented the Commission with US Bank Requisition Request #5, the final request, for the County Engineer Truck Purchase Loan Financing for the following items: Gledhill Road Machinery Co, in the amount of $72,709.34. Commissioners approved the payment.

Commissioners and Clark met with Granger and DLZ for the Biweekly Jail OAC meeting in the Granger field office conference room.

President Montgomery attended a Solid Waste Policy Committee meeting via the Zoom virtual platform.

Staff Report