Dogs of the Week

Mary-Ann is a shepherd-red heeler mix and is also about 1 year old. She is good with children, other dogs and strangers. She is a low-energy animal and was left crated in front of the shelter earlier this week by an anonymous individual.

Ginger is a shepherd-St. Bernard mix. She is about 1 year old. Shelter workers say she can be cautious around new people. A patient and experienced handler would be well-suited to be her companion. Ginger was also discovered crated in front of the shelter earlier this week.

Patti is a Parson Russell terrier. She is guessed to be somewhere between the ages of one to two years. She is good with children, but not other dogs. She would be best suited to a one-pet home. As a Parson Russell, she can be a high-energy animal and would do well with an active family. She was discovered at an abandoned house.

Gilligan is a heeler and shepherd mix and is roughly less than a year old. He is a low-energy pup and is good with children. He is not dog-aggressive. Staff say Gilligan greets individuals in a friendly, excited fashion and is waiting to make an impact on a family willing to care for him.

The Gallia County K-9 Shelter is always looking to provide dogs with loving homes as it picks up strays and abandoned animals daily. Capacity is always a concern for the shelter and they are looking to provide as many homes to dogs as they can. A special is being run on black Labradors this week. For more information, call (740) 441-0207.